In the past, healing has been viewed from the Newtonian view of the universe. This is the mechanistic thinking that the body is like a machine. Take a pill, cut something out, or fix a certain part of the body. Healing and psychology are beginning to catch up with quantum physics and the unified field. This is the thinking that we are the sum total of everything in and around us, including our environment. As children we reference our parents and our environment to learn how to navigate in the world. As adults, we have the choice to reference our own inner magnificence to navigate and create the world.

When you choose to reference your own authentic self, higher self, expanded self, soul – whatever word works for you- then you will come from a place of integration and wholeness, rather than from a place of inner conflict. When other people’s reality is used as a reference point, your internal spirit is in conflict with your external reality. Since each person’s inner spirit or expanded self is different, the external world based upon beliefs and thoughts borrowed from other people doesn’t match up. This leads to inner conflict and external war.

Our bodies have taken on the energy field of our environment, our parents, culture, etc. A path to awakening into the new humanity is to consciously use the morphic field of your expanded self as the model, the blueprint for your energetic field. Rather than living in the field imposed by others, the field of your own expanded self can be used. Invite the field of your expanded self to be in front of your energy field. Then invite the field of your expanded self to also be behind you, with you in the middle, like a sandwich. The field will become three-dimensional. See where the similarities are and where the differences are. Are there black areas in your energy field? Perhaps your field is smaller than the field of your expanded self. Are there any holes or gaps? Different colors?

Invite your energy field to take on the patterning of your expanded self. Invite your expanded self to merge with your physical reality. Watch, experience, sense, and feel that happens. Notice where your physical energy field shifts to the energetic pattern of your expanded self. You can consciously start creating a truer you. Invite in a calibration with your organs, hormones, functions, energy centers, and your nervous system. Thoughts and judgments about good and bad, right and wrong, unconscious patterns and/or trauma are stored in your body in the places where the two fields do not match up. You can use your expanded self as a guide and a map for your evolving self. These places that don’t match are the areas that need attention and transformation.

The correct internal balance for one person will be different than the correct balance for another person. The intelligence of your expanded self has the correct blueprint for your body.

As you bring gratitude and forgiveness to the parts that do not align and match your own expanded self, deep transformation occurs within you, society and the world. As you take responsibility for your healing and transformation you start to live in deeper alignment with your expanded self. More of the authentic you will be available so you can navigate through life with greater ease, joy and abundance. Your expanded self has the knowing about the best path for you. Tune in and follow this blueprint into your wholeness and the evolution of your consciousness.

Author's Bio: 

Dr Cynthia Miller has a Ph.D. in the psychology of change and cellular transformation. She specializes in working with people who are interested in transformation, spirituality or who have had a Kundalini awakening. She loves connecting people to their expanded self to create new energetic pathways for being present in the world in abundant new ways. Dr Cynthia’s powerful sessions are done on the phone. To book a session, please email