From the bestseller “Messages from your Soul” Book 1 in the series Conversations with DZAR

To continue on your journey, we want you now to move to the awareness of yourself as an Energetic Being comprised of two parts; the Energy of you that is eternal, and the Energy that is only present when you are drawing breath.
You all exist with the Energy of the in-lightened Self, which we refer to as an Expanded Being, at your core. This Self is the reflection of All That Is, with the compassion of the universe itself expressed within it. The Expanded Being is the fullest expression of your Soul, of your true spiritual nature; it is the Source Energy of creation that exists within you.

The other Energy that is a part of you is a limited or constricted form of the Self. It is an expression of Self that has been battered and bruised by the pains of past life experiences. We call this the Constricted Self. For many, this is who you know yourself to be in your current form and it is why you are asking the question that there must be more. For even while you live in the experience of the Constricted Self, you can still feel the expansive Energy of your Expanded Being within you, seeking its expression in your physical existence.

So let us understand them both, let us begin with where you are now and please understand that there have been times when you have felt an expanded sense of who you are, you have felt a stronger connection to the true compassion of the universe in this and other lifetimes. But for many of you those times have been short-lived, and it is what you are wishing to experience more of, for you can feel its presence deep within you, even as you read these words, can you not?

The Constricted Self is the culmination of all of the different expressions of you that have gone before in your past existences. It is shaped and formed from the experiences in those past lives that you have held on to, that you have taken on as being you. It is the sense of Self you have brought forward from lifetime to lifetime, and it is made up of all the experiences from your current and past existences which have been misunderstood so that only a partial understanding or learning was received from them.

The Constricted Self is also a reflection of your environment, which includes your family, your society, and of course the planet you live within. When you look at the world through Constricted Eyes, you create your environment and your experiences of pain, so it is both a filter and a mirror for your experiences.

From the Constricted Self come the many labels you place upon your experiences. The labels of right and wrong; good and bad; the way forward seems difficult; the way behind even harder; the sense of now is confusing. These labels of your experiences and the ways of being attached to them are so familiar to so many of you that they have proven difficult to give up, difficult to be free of because who will you be then? You do not see them as separate to you, you do not recognise that they sit around your Being constricting and limiting it but rather you think of them as you. You know yourself so well in this form because it is so familiar to you, and this familiarity keeps you stuck, this sense of knowing who you are from the constricted space keeps you right where you are.

You look at the world and your life through these Constricted Eyes and you only see more of the pain and separation that you have known so well. For so many, the thought of moving forward from the sense of Self that you are now feels so arduous to attempt that there seems little hope that you can expand into a brighter Being.

But you can move forward, Young Ones, and in fact you are already moving forward as you read this book and feel the frequency of our message. The more that you connect to your Expanded Being and feel its frequency, the easier and faster your journey forward will be.

The Expanded Being is the space of awareness and it is the experience of connection. When you look at your world and your existence through Expanded Eyes, you see the sameness in all things, you see possibilities, you feel compassion and you experience the guidance of your Soul. It is your awareness of your connection to who you are, it is your awareness of your connection to what is around you and how that too is a part of you. The Expanded Being is the space in which the true reflection of the universe exists, the reflection of compassion, compassion for Self and for everything that surrounds you.

So it is always your choice, your choice to look through Constricted Eyes and stay with the familiarity of your Constricted Self or to shift your sight to your Expanded Eyes and head into the unknown of your Expanded Being.
But is your Expanded Being really unknown, for how can something unknown feel so familiar to you? If you could not feel your Expanded Being, Young Ones, you would not be asking these questions, you would not be seeking ways of reconnecting to something larger. We find it amusing that you are looking for something more expansive, more powerful that you think exists outside you when in fact it exists within you and that is where your search must begin!

Your Expanded Being is your guiding light; it is the alignment of your Energy, your chakras, your meridians and any and every other name you wish to understand it by. It is a force that flows through your entire body that connects to everything and to everyone. It is universal, it is ever present and it does not ever diminish. It only ever expands and it is always moving you closer towards us. It knows the way home to who you truly are, and it is always guiding you back along that path.

Take a moment now to complete the Expanded & Constricted Eyes Practice at the end of the book so that you can feel the difference between these two expressions of Self and see how you create your experiences from them.

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