Direct mailing is a great marketing option that most businesses can’t live without, especially the start ups. This strategy is very useful as it allows a company to market directly to its target customers.

If you are planning to get into direct mailing, you may probably have asked yourself what type of letter would get more responses. Would you use an ordinary letter or a postcard? Or is it better to send greeting cards instead? In Austin, you can find direct mailing companies that can give advice on what would work best in your direct mailing campaign. A good Austin direct mailing company can help you make your campaign a success, although you also need to put in a considerable amount of effort.

You have a few options when it comes to choosing the material to send out to your prospects. Aside from sending the traditional sales letter, there are several other formats that you may consider using in your own direct mailing campaign:

Using postcards are one of the more creative ways of reaching out to prospective customers. With just a simple picture or graphics on one side and your sales message on the other, you can capture your recipient’s attention right away. You can simply send one through the mail without using an envelope. This is ideal if your message is just a short and simple note. Postcards are great marketing tools since you can incorporate any images or graphics on one side to attract attention.

This type of marketing material is ideal if you want to showcase a wide array of products. So if you are selling a whole line of different items and you want to highlight their specific features, then mailing a catalog is the best move for your business.

If you want to save money on your direct mailing efforts, then a self-mailer is your best bet. A self-mailer is a folder that can be sent through mail without any enclosure or envelope. Send this type of direct mail piece can indeed reduce your mailing costs.

Full direct mail package
Feel like you have a lot of things to communicate in your sales message? Do you need to give further details about the specification of your products? If you need to include some specifications that would not fit in a single letter, then consider using a full direct mail package. The package includes a mailing envelope, sales letter, brochure, and business reply card (with envelope).

Buck slip
This item is used usually when there is a need to remind or update people with new offerings. Buck slips are cheaper to produce than other mailing components so you don’t need to worry if you would need it as a last minute addition.

These are only a few of your direct mailing options. Understand what your options are allows you to consider which one is best for your marketing needs and budget. Consider getting the services of a good Austin direct mailing company to ensure that your mails will reach their proper destinations.

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