How’s your energy right now? Do you feel “charged up and ready to go, or do you feel “drained”?

If you’re feeling weighted down, tired, or unenthusiastic, you’re probably experiencing an energy leak. Something is draining the energy from your living battery – your body. Things that sap your energy can take many forms. Some are blatantly obvious such as encountering boring or needy people or doing work you dislike. Some are more sneaky and subtle, such as things in your environment that are broken and need fixing or objects such as clothing or tools that you don’t use, but keep anyway.

You are an electromagnetic being. Everything in your physical body works because of electrical impulses, which act like sparks of energy as they arc from one neuron to another.

Life is all about energy. Everything that exists on this planet – visible and invisible – is made up of energy. Although you’re made up of many components – chemicals, solids, liquids, etc. – without life force energy you’d be little more than a rag doll.

Your body is a living battery.

When you’re low in energy, the impulses that keep your body and mind functioning become weaker and less powerful, just like a battery that has a low level charge left in it. Instead of powerful, brilliant energy, your energetic impulses become dull and weak, misfiring or not firing at all. This results in thinking that is foggy and unclear, emotions that are jumbled, and physical well-being that is threatened.

When you’re low on energy you have only enough of your precious life force for your survival. Nothing more. If you want to move forward in your life and accomplish your goals easily and quickly you need to take care of your living battery and keep it charged up.

It’s important for you to pay attention to your energy – how much you have, how much you’re giving out, and how much you’re receiving – so that you don’t drain your living battery completely.

You use up the stored charge of your living battery in numerous ways and in varied amounts. Some drains are obvious and huge, such as major physical activity or extreme stress. Other energy drains are a little more subtle. Here is a list of some energy drains that you may be familiar with:

• Stress – emotional and mental
• Healing from an injury or an illness
• Negative thinking – yours and that of others around you
• Unhealthy eating and drinking habits
• Dehydration
• Other people who are unbalanced with their own energy, such as those who are needy, Drama Kings and Queens, passive aggressive, or manipulative
• Clutter

How many ways do you use your stored energy during the day and deplete your living battery? Make a list of them. ALL of them. If you think something is too unimportant to note, write it down anyway. If it’s an energy drain it’s important. The dome light in your car takes a very small amount of juice to run. However, if it’s left on overnight it will completely drain your car’s battery. The same is true for the small things in your life. ALL energy drains are important.

Keep your list handy. Then, when you feel tired or drained, use it to help you discern what’s draining the energy from your living battery. Add new items to your list as you are able to identify them and notice if there is a pattern to these energy drains.

Once you've become aware of the ways in which you drain your living batter, how do you recharge it? There are many ways to easily recharge yourself.

Of course you know that a good night’s sleep, eating healthy food, and taking breaks or vacations from work will recharge your battery.

Drinking sufficient water is also a very important way to recharge your battery. Remember that water conducts electricity.

If the battery in your car goes dry, you have a dead battery. You can put the battery charger on it all day, but it won’t take a charge if there is no water in it. Likewise, if you aren’t sufficiently hydrated your living battery won’t be able to accept the recharging you give it.

Not only must you give it sufficient water, but the water must be pure and clean. If you put dirty water in your car battery, you’ll ruin the battery. The same is true of your living battery. Most tap water contains chlorine, which kills bacteria - ALL bacteria. This includes the good ones that you need for your body to function optimally. Some tap water contains Fluoride, which may stop you from having cavities in your teeth, but it also has been shown to weaken bones and disrupt the thyroid from functioning properly. If you want to be able to recharge your living body, make sure you’re keeping it filled with pure, filtered water.

There are other things you can do during the day to recharge your living battery, such as:
• Listening to uplifting music
• Reading, hearing, or thinking inspirational thoughts
• Looking at something beautiful or something that gives you joy
• Laughing
• Connecting with your Higher Self, your Angels, your Spirit Guides, etc.
• Napping or meditating
• Breathing deeply from your belly, not your upper chest
• Getting and giving hugs

How else might you recharge your living battery during the day so that you’re operating at maximum power? Make a list and keep it handy for quick referral when you feel your living battery beginning to lose its charge. Then, just read through your list of “recharging stations” and make use of one or more of them.

Author's Bio: 

Kathy Wilson is a Certified Professional Coach, spiritual teacher, and author of An Inner Journey: Living Your Life Purpose. She specializes in helping others discover and live their life purpose – the soul satisfying work of their destiny.