Speaking of the famous luxury brand in the world, I have to say Louis Vuitton. For more than a century, the queen, princess, dignitaries, millionaire, film and TV stars, super model, they all proud for having the LV bags.
The founder of French post-production high luxury goods group Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton - Louis Vuitton also is one of the most outstanding masters of fashion design history in France. Louis Vuitton was born in the province of Franche-Comte which is in eastern France in 1821. And in 1837, 16-year-old LouisVuitton exile him to Paris as a packer for the elite. He opened his first suitcase store used his own name in Paris in 1854. A century later, LV luggage and leather goods to become the first brand in the world brand field, and it also become a symbol of high society. Today, LV brand has not only limited to the design and sale of high-end leather goods and luggage, but to become involved in fashion, accessories, shoes, bags, jewelry, watches, media, wine and other areas of the giant trend indicators.
LV began to manufacture luggage, it is famous for its practical, elegant, and look comfortable as the basic of the design. LV group’s products now has more than 50 brands, primarily wine and spirits, fashion and leather goods, perfumes and cosmetics, watches and jewelry, boutique retail, and several other large areas. French clothing brand, such as Givenchy, Italian fellmonger Fendi, the Swiss luxury watch brand TAG Heuer, Sephora and other cosmetics retail industry's leading brand of luxury brands have been included in the LV command.
LV name spread throughout Europe as a symbol of the finest travel products. Continues to this day, regardless of later extending out of leather, silk or watches, pens, and even clothes, they are all starting with over the past century’s LV advocating quality, and comfortable "travel philosophy" as a design basis. It is not just a fad fashion brand, and it also become a century classic, the key reason is to allow consumers to enjoy the aristocratic quality. After reading my article, you must have something to say, now you can share your opinion with everyone in my article. Let’s start!

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