Vision is the most important factor that influences the way and manner one succeeds or fail in this side of the great divide no matter how hard one may try and that is the main reason why the Holy Book, itself strongly emphasized that the people perish for lack of vision.

While it is quite true that meaning and understanding of the vision phenomenon is quite different according to individual perception of it, in this unique context, it means the ability to unambiguously and consciously see ahead and beyond one’s unique purpose in life. There is hardly anyone created by God who does not happen to possess a predestination because we are not at all indisputably creatures of chance but of destiny whether we hold a firm belief about that or not.

This means we are on this side of the great terrestrial divide to fulfill a mission about which we are oblivious right from conception as an embryo in our mother’s womb to when we made our first cry on this empirical world. The moment we become conscious enough to distinguish our right from the left, we then begin to realize the discovery of our purpose on earth, and then the vision begins to materialize in earnest.

The hard fact here is that once we find it difficult in one way or another to discover the purpose of why we are here then an endless journey to our numerous invincible travails begins. This further means that once the purpose is missing the entire life goes on trials from the beginning to the end. In order to let your vision possess you for you for the purpose of making headway in all your undertakings, the need for you to be passionate on all vital pursuits cannot be overemphasized.

By that token, it is quite necessary that you need to be consumed by the thought of your vision and be totally committed to what you have initially discovered as your calling or vocation. Once you have discovered what your mission in life is all about, the your major concern should be how to make a remarkable impact in the social, economic and possibly political development in your respective environment and by this I mean how to make a resounding success of your calling and rise from zero to hero.

The long and short of this piece is for you is to be conscious of three things that will help you in the quest to possess your vision.

1. Consciousness..
It is quite necessary for you to realize that the purpose of your being born into the world is for you to give birth to things. Be conscious of the fact that you are in no way a biological mistake or an accident of history.

2. Sustenance..
If you fail to pursue your vision, it will just vanish like a vapor so the need to pursue it to best of your ability cannot be overemphasized so do all you legitimately can to sustain it and in the end, you will become a remarkable entity not only in your immediate environment but also in the larger global community.

3. Fulfillment:
During the pursuit of your vision and mission, ensure that you do not turn back or be discouraged midway. Keep on with the pursuit until you accomplish the expected goals because you can only wear the laurels once you conquer your vision.

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