Keeping track of important dates is vital to anyone who has a busy life, particularly if you have a family to organise as well. Calendars are far and away the simplest means of doing so, but personalised photo calendars take this basic function and give it a twist of personality.

On the face of it, the survival of photo calendars in an age of electronic hand held devices should seem a little strange. After all, even the most basic mobile phone now probably boasts an ‘organiser’ feature, enabling the user to set certain dates and be reminded when they come around. All well and good, but even the most advanced electronic means lacks the simplicity and ease of use that a humble wall calendar can boast. Starting at the beginning of the year, going through it and entering all of the important dates – from birthdays and holidays, through bill due dates and onto vital stuff like hospital appointments - is as simple as picking up a pen and jotting down a few notes. If anything needs to be altered later, you merely reach for the pen again, and accessing and checking the dates in question is as simple as turning the page to the relevant month. What’s more, because you’re dealing with paper and ink, there’s no need to worry about the memory failing, or getting full, or the batteries running out. The only downside, indeed, is likely to be the mundane nature of the images used. After all, you’ll be looking at this thing virtually every day of the year, so is it too much to ask that it be aesthetically pleasing? Getting a positive answer to this question lies in the field of personalised photo calendars.

To make your own, all that you have to do is select the photographs you wish to use – they may be images which reflect a year in the life of your family, or photographs of a different favourite landmark for each month, the choice is yours because, after all, it’s going to be your calendar. Once you’ve selected just the right images you need to upload them to the relevant website and then use the software to design your calendar. It’s been built to be completely user friendly, meaning that choices such as the size and shape, the layout of the pictures and the graphic style will be a pleasure rather than a chore. The finished calendar will be well made enough to look good throughout the year, and personal enough to be treasured for many years afterwards.

Other Easter gift ideas which can be built around your own photographs include unique greeting cards and one off bespoke canvas prints. In both cases its simplicity itself to produce retail quality items with a powerful emotional resonance. The materials and techniques will be state of the art, but the power will lie in images which carry a very real sense of your own personality.

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If you are looking for Easter gift ideas, and want to give something which is a bit more original than yet another box of chocolates, then take advantage of the digital revolution. Using your photographs to make personalized photo calendars or canvas prints will mean you’re handing over something which will truly move anyone who receives it.