Oppositions only succeed and over-power the chicken-hearted, the fearful and the unfocused. But I challenge you today, dare to be different, come out of the crowd and stand for the truth. You can do it only if you want to! Take a risk and flaunt that wrong instruction. How many times have you allowed situations and circumstances dictate for you thereby distorting your views and firm believe in the word of God? How often have you paid homage to those who should be doing so to you because you feared what the outcome will be if you did otherwise?

All hope is not lost. You can pick up your self - esteem that Christ gave you on that Easter morning when He arose from the grave and forge ahead. Enlist yourself in the chronicles of the heroes of faith today, take that risk: don't bow down to the one that should be bowing to you...Remember, a harlot's faith made her not to perish with the disobedient in the scriptures. She was justified by God because she favored God's righteous cause. She became one of the greatest women of faith, she was found in God's honorary list. She changed her destiny because she took that risk. You can do so as well. There is a class of God; the class of "anything is possible", when you believe and have faith, you enter into that class of God; where "everything becomes possible".

This is the class Jochebed belonged to. She placed herself on top and we all saw that she only made progress. She gained for out of the many Hebrew women in the land of Egypt then, she was the one that gave birth to a deliverer for the Jews from the house of bondage. She was the only one that God described her son as the meekest man on earth and she was the only woman whose son walked with God and God spoke with him face to face as a man does with his friend. In this class, you can actually put yourself on the tabloid of those who believe and do the impossible even to the extent of talking face to face with God Almighty as a man talks with his friend.

Jochebed was a successful and fulfilled woman, if you ask me. She would have lost it all if she had followed the crowd that is if she hadn't dared to be different, if she hadn't taken a risk. I implore you today to take a risk it, disobey that order. Don't wait on that decision for too long, the appointed time to act is now when your clouds are already full of rain.

Copyright, Agu Jaachynma N.E.

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