You Are Not Losing Yourself – Just Expanding Your Skills
Posted: 18 Jan 2011 03:04 PM PST
Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

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Dear Ones,

Please continue to practice your creation skills, much as you practiced putting alphabet letters together when you first learned to read. It is time for us to discuss an issue that has disturbed some of you reading Brenda’s blogs.

The New Age you will not be a different “you” in terms of a schizophrenic personality or similar label. You will merely be expanding your knowledge base.

The “you” of today is not that different from the “you” prior to the computer age. Granted, you are chronologically older and have more life skills than was true when you first used a computer, but you are not a different person. Your personality has not shifted dramatically, and neither has your body. You are the “you” of 20, 40 or even 60 years ago. It is just that you can now easily and instantaneously communicate with friends in Europe, Asia, Africa or down the street with a few clicks of a button.

Your life moves faster with the knowledge base provided by computers. And you communicate more rapidly and perhaps more often than was true without computers. But you are still “you.” And so it will be for those New Age skills you choose to use.

You are not losing yourself – or what you consider yourself – you are merely expanding your skill sets and communication abilities.

Some of you are quite familiar with your intuitive skills. Even before this New Age, it has been acceptable, particularly for women, to use their intuitive skills. Soon such will be the case with the new skills you can now access.

Some will blend those new skills into their being easily and rapidly just because they can. Others will take a “wait and see” approach. And still others will tell you that such skills are evil, make fun of you or use similar methods to limit your use of those parts of your being not covered by the five senses your society claims as your knowledge access points.

Are there energies that might grab your being in some horrific, alien plot? No more than was true for those people who were adventuresome enough to buy an automobile at a time when horses were the key mode of transportation. Did people make fun of those who bought the first automobiles? Of course. Were others just a bit jealous of those able to afford an automobile? Of course. And yet within a few years, did automobiles not replace horses?

So it will be with your new skills. Some will make fun of you and try to shame you into “fitting in.” Others will be jealous of you because they do not believe they can access the same skill set. Still others will watch you in wonder and attempt to replicate your new and/or enhanced skills.

It does not matter. You are trailblazers. You know what you want to learn. Allow that inner knowledge to be the verification of rightness necessary for you to move beyond your five senses. This is not a time to “fit in.” This is a time of discovery, of rapidly learning the new skills required to learn even more advanced skills.

Perhaps you are afraid to learn about your New Age skills. That is fine. Your being will tell you when it is time to do so. But do not use your hesitation to curtail the joy of those learning their new skills and techniques.

It is your choice whether you participate. The New Age is here and your new skills are available for you and anyone who wishes to use them.

At the same time, it is not appropriate to tell others what they can or cannot do. Societal “shoulds” no longer apply. If you are one of those who feel the need to curtail others as they explore this wonderous new adventure called the New Age, we strongly suggest you opt not associate with those who wish to move into the New Age. Not because their need to use their new and enhanced skills is so weak as to be stopped by one or even many voices telling them they are evil or whatever words are used, but because these New Age skills need to be learned as quickly as possible by those who wish to learn them.

It is not your place to stop others. Nor is it appropriate for others to force you to learn these skills. It is merely time for those who wish to access their skills to do so; and those who do not to move out-of-the-way.

The New Age is here. Which is little different from those in the early 1900′s stating that the automobile age is here. Do you wish to ride horses with all that entails, including limiting your range of travel? Or do you wish to explore your inner being and outer world with all the new and easy-to-use tools available? It is your choice as it always has been.

But for those of you who opt not to explore the wonders of the New Age, please know that those who do are no different from the personalities of those who first bought automobiles. They are not evil people or people who wish to control your mind, they are merely adventuresome people who wish to move into the New Age and all that includes, more rapidly than you. So be it. Amen.

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Born in North Dakota in 1950, Brenda Hoffman is an internationally noted author and channeler. Prior to retirement to the southeastern part of the United States and sharing her prophetic insights with others via her free blogs and radio shows - Life Tapestry - Brenda held positions in corporate marketing, business management and social services. Brenda has a Master of Science degree in sociology.