“You are more than 65% Water & 18% Carbon, some Hydrogen, Calcium & Phosphorous, Huh?”
• 1. “I slept through Chemistry, so this is all new to me, Pop.”

• 2. “Me too. Like father, like son. Here’s what I remember from college Chem, which I failed. “Homo sapiens are Carbon-based life-forms, that require Oxygen to process Protein. And Trees take Carbon and turn it into Oxygen.”

• 3. “So what? - Who-cares? What’s In It for me? – Pop?”

• 4. “Right. In just released research at the University of Pennsylvania, they reversed what scientists & the rest of us always believed.

• Professor Justin Hepler, U of Illinois, lead author, reported, we do NOT Consciously stop ourselves from Temptation.

• We can enlist our Subconscious, meaning Auto-pilot, to inhibit Overeating Cookies, or Encourage Exercise, or Quit Smoking. It works to quit Gambling or to lose Ten-Pounds too. Interested?”

• 5. “Can it help in acing my exams & grades, and later at-work?”

• 6. “Sure, learning & memory are strategic Habits as neural networks in your brain. This system is tested & proven. It appears in the Journal, Cognition.”

• 7. “Are you saying getting rid of bad habits, and creating New habits can happen without our Intention & awareness?”

• 8. “Exactly. Neuroscientist found that what happens in our Environment like hearing certain words, can influence our self-control. They use an example of overhearing someone say, “Calm-Down!” will affect you to stop eating a dozen cookies.”

• 9. “You mean in an “unrelated-conversation, Pop?”

• 10. “That’s the weird part. It’s like you have a “post-hypnotic suggestion” and your world is trying to help you win.”

• 11. “Like what other words?”

• 12. “If you see a Sign (billboard) that says, “Stop!” or “Be Calm”, or hear someone say, “Rest!” or “Peace” or “Success”, you react to it, even if it’s in a song on the radio.

• The deal is that your brain’s self-control processes react to keep-you-on-track, subconsciously. It is proven by an EEG (Electroencephalograph) imagery.”

• 13. “What’s the secret formula, Pop?”

• 14. “It’s easy and quick. You heard of it. V-A-K. The power of combining your three (3) power Senses. Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic (tactile/touch). Remember?”

• 15. “Sure, I use it to take Notes at lectures, and summarizing the main ideas in books. That one?”

• 16. The strategy when you want to lose 10 pounds or stop-smoking or drinking alcohol or drugs, is to write or type twice-daily for 3-minutes Affirmations using the power words.”

• 17. “When I write or use my word-processor, that involves my eyes, visual, my hearing, auditory, and my moving hand, for sense of touch. V-A-K. I have to include words in the affirmations like: ‘Stop’- ‘Be Calm’- ‘Rest’- ‘Peace’.”

• 18. “Do you know about “Hypnagogic” (twilight zone before falling asleep), and “Hypnopompic, (twilight before awakening in the A.M.?”

• 19. “You told me 100 times. Anything done at those times programs your subconscious to become a habit, right Pop?”

• 20. “Do a “thought experiment” like Cousin Albert said, and you be the judge of your positive results or not.”

• New research says, “Actions always Speed Louder than “words”.” For Brainiacs: George Mather, University of Lincoln, in the U.K.”

• 21. “What’s the point, Pop?”

• 22. “Our brain uses visual signals to make sense of our environment. Example: facial expressions on people. Your right-brain picks up on Patterns are recognizes them from the past.

• You can depend on your subconscious to give you Hints and Hunches. Test your intuitions. Believe their Actions, more than their words, get it?”

“Tap-in, Turn-on, and Tune-in” to your right brain more.
See ya
Copyright ©2013, Bernard Wechsler

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Bernard Wechsler, director of education of www.speedreading101.org Business partner of Evelyn Wood,creator of Speed Reading. Trained the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents & 2 million students & executives.

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