We’re heading into the next part of this amazing 2021. If you’re like many professionals, you know that it’s time to strengthen your focus on achieving your health and wellness goals.

It’s an odd reality. We make New Year’s Resolutions with full intention, motivation, and determination. But, then something often happens. We slip up. We forget. We make some missteps and make some mistakes . It’s only natural.

But it is not the end of the year. It is the time to refine our plan and get our health goals into clear focus.

Think about it.

Being The Captain and Commander

If we were navigating a ship, we wouldn’t just set out from the harbor with a big impressive destination and put our feet up on the bough. Nope. We’d spend time examining the map. We’d adjust the angle of our direction. We’d listen for changes in the tide and the winds. We’d be alert, focused, and agile in our approach.

Why don’t we apply some of these principles to being the captain of our ship? When we do this, we can get to the destination we’re imagining.

Making Smart Lifestyle Choices

According to Dr. Dean Ornish, a leading expert in lifestyle medicine, four areas contribute to health and wellness. These contribute so much that by focusing on them, it is possible to actually un-do heart disease .

You already know the key choices for health and well-being. Nutrition. Movement. Stress Management. Love and Support.

It shouldn’t be so hard, right?

With a little focus and a lot of diligence, you can get each and all of these areas into peak performance.


There’s no question that in the last year we’ve done our share of comfort seeking. That’s why after a deep dive into stress eating, stress baking, and pulling out all the stops to dive into Oreo’s and pizza…it’s time for some nutritional upgrades.

Experts recommend starting out with small changes. You could even call these a little sneaky. That is, you’re sneaking past comfort habits to drive actual healthy choices.
Here are 3 sneak moves that may help you start today:
• Drink more water. Some experts recommend up to 3 liters of water a day to stay hydrated and healthy.
• Eat more greens. Your mom was right!
• Choose local and seasonal foods.

While there are many more things to do in the kitchen to upgrade your nutrition, as Dr. Ornish advises, making dietary changes gets you started on the right path.


We all know it. Now, how can we get up off the couch and move? Simply, by looking at pre and post performance habits.

Consider these smart approaches to increase movement in your lifestyle.
• Boost your workout with a CBD supplement . This natural supplement is reported to help your brain and body get the most out of every workout.
• Increase activity at home with active housework and yard work.
• Schedule your workout with a friend or family member. When you have a date to exercise, you’re more likely to do it…even virtual dates work wonders.

Stress Management

After the year we’ve had, we definitely know that stress management is essential. It’s not the luxury we might have assumed. Knowing this can be the start of making stress management a top priority.

Here are three ways to get going.
• Schedule ‘me’ time every morning. Start with a morning cup of coffee or tea. Set the timer and do not allow for interruptions. This is your time, and your time alone.
• Hold a DIY spa day. Gather up your favorite lotions, potions, and sprays. Soak in a bath. Take care of your precious body and luxuriate. You deserve it.
• Take a virtual training to learn new relaxation skills. Choose topics you find personally fascinating and useful. Yoga. Pilates. Meditation. Tai Chi. Wherever you start, you can’t go wrong.

Love and Support

Could you use some love and support in your life? Of course you could.

That’s why you are making this one of your core components of health and well-being. Here are three starting actions:
• Connect with a close friend, loved one, or spouse – today.
• Share your feelings and thoughts with someone who cares.
• Give attention to a friend or loved one. Send a card. Check in with an email or Zoom.

Sum Up

It’s a whole new year and you’ve got a plan to achieve your health and wellness goals. Keep this motto in mind: “Yes, you can!” Looking forward to you on the other side!

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Hi, I am Saanvi Sengupta , a blogger at camyogi.in