Any event can benefit from having a tent or two to provide impact and a rallying point for activities like check-in, promotions or special activities and marketing. One of the most innovative event tent types is the igloo enclosure from XGloo. These tents come in a variety of styles, sizes and designs to enhance any indoor or outdoor event.

Tents and enclosures provide an important point-of-reference for events. It needs to stand out and be a draw for visitors. It should also be functional and be easy to set-up and pack away. This is what makes the XGloo system so attractive for corporations, universities, clubs or anyone in need of an enclosure. The XGloo tent looks modern, has a myriad of design and colour options and can single-handedly be put up and taken down.

The XGloo system uses some of the most hi-tech materials available to manufacture their enclosures. Using the engineering and materials advances used in paragliding, the designers at XGloo designed a light, but sturdy enclosure system. Taking inspirations from the classic and sturdy shape of an igloo, the product has been updated by using inflatable supports to form a rigid and tough exoskeleton. The dome shape provides ample space underneath and there are no internal supports necessary. The outer inflatable supports take shape in minutes using either an electric or manual air pump. The whole enclosure is self-supporting so there is no need for external poles or cords to keep it standing. A weighting system (sandbag or other) or ground stakes is all that is required to keep the structure secure.

Because of this unique system, the XGloo system is highly portable. Many event tents feature complicated structures with a multitude of poles and panels and complicated internal structures. Not only are these difficult and time consuming to assemble, but the system itself is weighty. The paragliding material used in XGloo is super-lightweight yet incredible strong and resistant to damage. The 6mX6m enclosure only weighs about 30 kg. When deflated and folded the whole of the tent fits easily into a carrying bag.

The unique outer support system also means that the XGloo tent can be used as an open system (meaning that only the overhead area is covered) or if the side-panels are attached, as a fully enclosed tent. This flexibility makes it one of the most versatile systems on the market. As a full tent the space still feels open and airy lending to the high inner domed ceiling. This can also be decorated or used as a signage area.

The materials used in the XGloo enclosures can be manufactured in a number of colour choices and styles. There are both standard colours available as well as custom colours. The inflatable side supports and enclosing side-panels can be matched to any colour. Design style extends beyond colour choice; logos, brand ID or text can be printed to support marketing, corporate or other communication goals. And because the side panels are removable, alternatives can be printed so the structure is adaptable to different event types. For a resilient, lightweight and easy to put up event tent, the XGloo system cannot be surpassed.

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