An Xbox wireless adapter is one of the few Xbox accessories or peripherals that will make life much easier for any and all Xbox gamers. This is because an Xbox wireless adapter is technically speaking is a wireless NIC (network interface controller) which provides the gamer with access to the Xbox Live online gaming network hosted by the developers of the Xbox, Microsoft itself.

As the Xbox Live is the only online multiplayer network available to Xbox gamers, an Xbox adapter is excessively important when it comes to gaming online and having a wireless adapter simply makes life easier without having to go through the hassle of the connection process. Needless to say, for a better gaming experience, one is advised to connect to Xbox Live with high speed internet connections to prevent the occurrence of latency problems or also known as “lagging”. Xbox Live by itself supplies a number of great perks for gamers the least of which being the multiplayer system that allows any and all Xbox gamers to play together online.

This multiplayer network’s social system is managed through Windows Live Messenger which allows the gamers real time communication during gameplay. Apart from that, the collaboration of Netflix with Microsoft also allows gamers to enjoy movies as well as a range of television channels via Xbox Live. Although a wireless adapter for the Xbox can prove to carry a rather hefty price of thirty to fifty pounds per unit, it is worth it and is also the only choice available for gamers as conventional wireless adapters are not compatible with the Xbox.

This is due to the fact that the Xbox is designed such that it does not allow for device drivers to be installed on the gaming console thus rendering it to be incompatible to any of the conventional wireless adapters. As such, only the Xbox wireless adapters designed to not require driver installation is compatible with an Xbox. There has been a certain amount of speculation regarding the fact that peripherals such as wireless adapters are usually limited to only a single function whereas those produced by other companies often offer better functions and practicality as with other video game consoles such as the Playstation series and the Nintendo consoles.

Despite this, the wireless adapter produced by Microsoft is still considered to be worth every single penny and majority of the players have found that the use of this adapter to be excellent. Apart from that, the official wireless adapter also offer other perks such as the ability to detect other Xbox consoles within the vicinity to form an ad hoc network for al the gamers within range. The use of the Microsoft Xbox wireless adapters also allow for connection to both types of wireless-N as well as –G, -A and –B wireless networks. Lastly, one of the most important features of the Xbox wireless adapter is simply that it is convenient for the gamer as it simply requires the user to plug and play.

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