Is it a good idea working for a big corporate? Many people think their job is automatically safer with the protection of a big corporate whilst others are under the opinion that you are simply a number and your job could be taken away just like that.

The Advantages

Generally, a big corporate will run several training programs so the option to gain further knowledge is usually readily available, promotion is also a high possibility with a big corporate. Many companies prefer to employ from within by moving employees up the career ladder rather than hiring someone completely new therefore jobs have a better security rate, once you have your foot on the bottom rung of the career ladder there is the option of climbing your way up.

Bigger corporates will often move their employees around within their company to expose them to different job roles; this presents a perfect opportunity to gain an insight into a variety of job positions. If you decide to leave them in the end, at least you would have gained experience and knowledge across a wide spectrum of positions.

If you are a social person then a big corporate is the ideal place for you as many organise team building exercises and outings on a regular basis, not to mention the Christmas parties! Do not panic though if you are a reserved type of person and not really into the social side as it is just as easy to blend into the background in a big corporate if you do not wish to be noticed!

The Disadvantages

Now there are also some disadvantages to working for a big corporate and one of the main ones is the lack of personal attention. So many employees are working for the same company that everyone becomes a number rather than a person. If you are looking for individual attention then a smaller company would be a better option where your name will actually be remembered!

Big corporates always seem to be looking to merge with other big corporates, this in turn can lead to upset, and unsettled employees, you never quite know where you are when the company you work for keeps merging with others. There are generally several internal reorganisations too, which again can make you feel unsettled, the problem is that you are used to the job position you hold and the bosses that you have and then that has a habit of changing. Another problem with some of the big corporates is their tendency to have almost bullying tactics in place and set rules about how procedures should be followed to the absolute letter. If you are a person that likes to come up with new concepts and see those ideas put in place then a big corporate really is not the place for you my friend. Many have particular company codes that they have to adhere to no matter what so employees tend to be restricted. Freedom of thought is a rare thing in a big corporate.

To Sum Up

Always ensure you know how the big corporates operate prior to seeking employment with them. Be aware that there will be no individual treatment or favouritism and probably no freedom of speech or thought. Your head will probably spin with all the changes of constant merging and shuffling around within the company.

On the positive side though you will be able to experience several training programs and varying job roles within the company and if you are a social person you will feel right at home with all the corporate events.

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