Pelvic inflammation is the inflammation of connective tissues in the pelvic cavity that point to female genitalia and its surroundings. With the quickening pace of social life, more and more people do not pay attention to the details of life and form a lot of bad habits, making adverse cornerstone for diseases.

Here are some bad habits relating to pelvic inflammation that women need to bolster as much as they can.

Wearing Tight pants for too long.

Tight pants features poor air permeability. Your private part needs to breathe fresh air every day just like you do. Always wearing tight underpants can cause a moist surrounding in the private area, which may contribute to the bacteria growth and multiplication. You should choose breathable cotton underpants.

Poor immunity by reason of being void of physical exercise.

In female vagina, there are many pathogenic bacteria. When you have strong body resistance, these pathogens won't come out to make trouble. While if your body resistance drops, pathogenic bacteria will take the opportunity to cause pelvic inflammation.

Therefore, you require more exercise in daily life. Females friends are commonly recommended to jog, do yoga and play tennis in daily life, which can help them improve the body resistance.

Bad personal habits during menstruation.

Menstrual tub bathing or swimming can make the pathogenic bacteria in the water through the vagina go up into the internal genitals, then enter the uterus and fallopian tubes, thus causing inflammation . Menstrual women should take care of their bodies at all events.

In the menstrual period, endometrium stripping can cause the sinuses to dilate, creating a favorable environment for bacteria to grow. If you do not pay attention to personal vaginal hygiene, and use unclean sanitary napkins, or have menstrual sex, it will readily make pathogenic bacteria invade the reproductive tract and cause pelvic inflammation.

Unsound eating habits.

When it comes to the diet, you should eat less spicy and cold food while keep the low abdomen warm. Especially in the menstrual period, you should avoid raw and cold food to avoid the stimulation on pelvic cavity.

Recurrent abortion.

This is the cause of pelvic inflammation in many young women. If you don't receive standardized, sanitary or safe surgery, it will easily lead to genital inflammation and then pelvic inflammation. Females should take good care of their body, and do not choose abortion operation easily. In daily life, to achieve an effective contraception, using condoms before sex is of great help in most cases.

Unhealthy sex intercourse.

Too much sex is also bad for female health. Due to the personal hygiene, you or sexual partner may not pay much attention to the local cleaning before the sexual life, which may put you at risk of having infection. External germs can grow and multiply rapidly, thus leading to pelvic inflammation.

Fortunately, for women with pelvic inflammation, the natural medicine Fuyan Pill is often adopted. It is helpful in solving inflammation, improving blood circulation, remove blood stasis, and it can also enhance the body resistance of females. Another advantage of the pill is that it won't cause any side effects or adverse reactions. So you can rely on the pill to solve the pelvic inflammation.

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