Women entrepreneurs are a rapidly growing demographic, yet the key is not to simply start a business but to also be successful at it. I owned and operated a very successful medical and surgical practice before selling it to now share insights into business and life that I’ve applied personally by integrating cutting edge science with ancient wisdom principles.

It’s right brain meets left, intuition meets intellect – and it is powerful! We have so much to offer the world when we get ourselves out of the way. I am referring to the “mental me”, or ego self that for conversation purposes resides in the left hemisphere of the brain.

In reality, we are much more expansive then the belittling stories within our consciousness that often get recorded onto the “hard-drive” of our bodies – the brain. Don’t just take my word for it, even though I’ve been using this metaphor for years now.

Here’s what Stephen Hawking, a renowned, living, physicist has to say about it in the November 15, 2010 issue of Time magazine:

“I think the brain is essentially a computer and consciousness is like a computer program”

My intuition and insight made this clear to me several years ago. It really is not rocket science if you have an open mind and a foundational understanding of the brain and nervous system operationally which I do as an eye surgeon and physician.

This is really important not only in business but also in every area of life, since your mindset (another word for consciousness) will determine if you will put to use your knowledge or “skill set”. If your mindset is focused on fear and what is wrong, it will be like a computer “virus of the mind”. How many times have you been to an expensive seminar, purchased a home study program or joined a mastermind only to be given tons of information and not use it or profit from it?

Granted, sometimes if you are just water-hosed with information and no clarity of HOW to apply it, it may be a bit challenging to put it in place. Yet, the truth is, we rarely can rise above HOW we wire our brain regarding self-image, and the way that we view the Universe as a whole, unless you consciously become aware of and apply the strategies and processes that I share in my messages.

If you think you are not worthy, that you cannot not be prosperous, have loving supportive relationships, or that the universe is hostile, your “supercomputer” brain, will look for cues in the environment to make you “right”. It can be a missile-seeking machine when you are clearly focused, open to intuition and utilizing healthy emotional guidance. Unfortunately, when we are foggy and feeling negative, the default pattern is to find the things that you don’t want all to easily.

Yes, learning technology and social media networking is fine, yet you had better learn how to operate your own mind and brain. Investing in your SELF is about the highest yield investment you can make as everything you do will come from this sense of identity that you wire into your brain. Yes, you can change self-perception when you know how and when you are willing to have the courage to open your mind, reflect, and enthusiastically come from the power within you – CORE confidence is what I like to call it. Then you can be not only successful in business, but also successful in life. What are your thoughts about the brain as a computer?

Author's Bio: 

Valencia Ray, MD, is an eye surgeon who sold her successful surgical practice to now show corporate professionals and women entrepreneurs how to eliminate "blind spots" that block their true potential and limits vision for business and relationship success as well as good health. She is the author of "Empower Up and Play Big: Winning at Life from the Inside Out!" and delivers a message of change and empowerment from the inside out to women associations and professional groups as well as providing corporate professional development programs.

Using cutting-edge science with success principles in her "BreakThrough to the Real YOU" process, she shares in easy to understand terms how release the FEAR - Fictitious Evidence Affecting Reality - that keeps us stuck and avoiding change so that you can live with more passion, purpose and prosperity.

Having better health, peace of mind and being more effective and confident begins with understanding how to consciously operate and intentionally direct the “greatest supercomputer” on the planet – your own brain and mind.