It sure is great to be a guy in this day in age, isn’t it? It is not uncommon for men to hold multiple relationships with women in various places, while they decide which one they want to be with. It’s almost like a reality show when you think about it. Yet, when women do the same thing they are ridiculed and devalued. How is that fair? That is just the way it is, and while I could spend some time getting into the incongruencies between men and women, that is not the main topic of this article. What I would like to talk about is men dating a number of women and thinking that the women don’t know what’s going on. New flash guys, they often do.
Women, with their strong intuitions, usually know when they’re being “played”. Needless to say, this is not an endearing characteristic of men, and will usually lead relationships to an abrupt end. Now, to those out there who say “well maybe that is what the both of them wanted, maybe they were both just interested in a short fling and nothing more” I say…”shhh!” Yes of course, men and women do that sometimes, but this article isn’t meant for those people. This is meant for those looking or serious love and relationships, not a one night stand.

Women like guys who know what they want and exude confidence. If you're wishy-washy about a girl, it is usually immediately apparent. This, of course is perfectly fine however, but you can’t expect a girl to chase you around while you make up your mind. Dating a number of women at once provides you with a larger pool of options to choose from, but it can also cloud your judgment when you try to narrow the field down to one lucky gal. The one that you’re into may be turned off by your lack of attention.

As a result you may turn off a nice girl because you're not being consistent, are not showing her the respect she deserves, or just even just missing communication cues inherent in a relationship.

Here's a piece of advice for men: spend the time to get to know one girl. Those other ones won't disappear, so if it doesn’t work with the one you can always try another. As long as you're honest, the fact that you're focused on her won't necessarily mean that you’re headed on a one-way irreversible path to relationship town. You'll give her the respect she deserves and you'll be able to test for yourself whether you actually have the potential or the compatibility to take it further. When you date several people at once, you never really get to know each person. You have a night here and another night there to get to know the person, but never a long stretch of time to really dive into things.
When women feel that you're not all there, they'll just move on. So it's really a lose/lose situation. Plus, it's a major turn-off.

So, be a man. Be honest and strong. Stick to your date and really try to understand what 'kind' of a relationship you could have with her. Trust me, you'll be much more satisfied and respected by her. If all else fails, you’ll have more choices down the road for you, so don’t sweat it.

- Stella
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