Recently I had the pleasure of having world renowned leadership consultant and best selling author, Marshall Goldsmith join forces with the circle of entrepreneurs I am associated with. He is a treasured gift who’s teachings should be shared amongst peers in
collaboration to create a more positive work environment no matter what industry we are in. We must first begin with self. Take assessment and ownership for how we personally show up as leaders. Do you spread MOJO or NOJO with others?

Mashall Goldsmith’s recent book Mojo: How to Get It, How to Keep It, How to Get It Back if You Lose It,is the perfect tool to assist you.

Some words can be defined in a variety of ways. Mojo is one such word. for Marshall, it is described as “that positive spirit toward what we are doing now that starts

on the inside and radiates to the outside.”

If you have MOJO you:

Take Responsibility
Run the Extra Mile
Care About Doing a Great Job
Love What Ever You Do
Appreciate Opportunity
Make the Best of Any Situation
Inspire Others
Have a Great Attitude
Are Determined
Have a Zest for Life

Nojo is the antonym that Mr. Goldsmith invented for MOJO. This article is written with the entrepreneur in mind who exudes and radiates positive inspiration. However, in order to do a proper assessment of self we must visit them.

If you have NOJO you:

Play Victim
March In Place
Just Want To Get By
Feel As Though You Have No Choices
Tolerate The Requirements
Are Painful to Be Around
Are Lazy

As entrepreneurs we choose how we are going to show up each moment of the day. Take pride in the great work that you do in service to others and continue to resonate your MOJO wherever you may roam!

If you've lost your Mojo, pick up Marshall Goldsmith's book and get it back pronto. The world needs you!

Author's Bio: 

Lynn Clarke is a dynamic Home Based Business Owner who formerly taught our youth how to be life long learners. Today, she teaches entrepreneurial parents how to become life long earners working less hours,leveraging the power of the internet through the elite e-learning platform of PRO U and Automatic Millionaire International�. She is passionate about leading others to live a purposeful, fulfilling life paying it forward to our global community.