Men always pay close attention to the size of their genitalia and think that the size determines their sexual ability and sexual happiness. Therefore, when some men find that their testicles are smaller than others, they begin to worry: will their sexual ability be worse than others?

There is no need to worry about that. In general, as long as the testicular size is within the normal range, not less than 1.25 cm in adulthood, it does not affect sexual ability. But some people will ask: "the testicle can secrete androgen, and the big testicle will certainly secrete many androgens. They will have strong sexual abilities. How can you say they have no relationship?"

It is undeniable that androgen does affect sexual ability. But the sex knowledge of the large testis will be more androgen in the body, and small testicles will have less androgen in the body is a big mistake. In a normal physiological state, the concentration of androgen in the human body is regulated by the feedback of the gonadal axis (hypothalamus-pituitary testis system).

If the testis secretes too much androgen, the gonadal axis system will receive signals to regulate and reduce androgen secretion, and vice versa. That is to say, the human body will constantly adjust automatically so that the body's androgen just enough, not much good, nor have a deficit.

But if the testicles are lower than average, they have an impact on sexual ability. Usually, when a boy is 10, his testicles are less than 1 cm, indicating abnormal testicular development. In this case, the testis secretes too little androgen, and the growth and development of the penis will be affected, which leads to the penis short. At the same time, it will significantly reduce the ability of testicles to produce sperm.

What circumstance can testicle affect sexual ability? When testicular inflammation leads to orchitis, epididymitis, and other reproductive system diseases, it will affect men's sexual power. In severe cases, it even affects fertility. In this case, patients need rational use of antibiotics, choose penicillins, quinolones, or macrolides. If the effect of antibiotic treatment is not ideal, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice.

Parents must understand the testicular condition of the boy in the development stage. If any abnormality is found, they should see a doctor in time to not miss the best opportunity for treatment. For adults, if the testis is less than 1.25 cm, it may be testicular atrophy, androgen secretion, the sexual ability will also be affected, should seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Besides, it's not surprising that testicles are large and small. The two testicles of men are different in size, generally small on the left side, larger on the right side, and slightly lower on the left side, with a difference of no more than 20%. If beyond this range, men should also do a check and take treatment under the guidance of professional doctors.

In a normal physiological state, when the androgen is too high, it will inhibit the secretion of Luteinizing hormone by the pituitary gland and make androgen in a balanced state to maintain the hormone balance in vivo. So whether the testicles are bigger or smaller, the human body will adjust themselves to keep the androgen at the appropriate level.

Therefore, the size of testicles can not evaluate sexual ability. Male sexual function is also related to age, constitution, health, mental status, and other factors. If men guess their sexual ability by mistake of sexual knowledge, it will cause heavy psychological pressure. Over time, men will lose their confidence, which will affect the quality of sexual life.

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