Will I Ever Get Pregnant: How Can I Be Sure To Get Pregnant

What are the best ways to get pregnant? Perhaps you've been asking this question for months or years. If so, then it's crucial to know the best methods for becoming pregnant. This will help to maximize your chance of achieving success. Some methods work more effectively than others, and here are some of the best ones:

1. Exercise (at the right time).

We all know that exercise is healthy. But it can also help you to become pregnant when you do it at the right time! The key is to know when you should start exercising, in order to boost your chance of becoming pregnant.

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2. Consider acupuncture.

When most of us think of acupuncture as just "sticking needles into the body," it can be effective in cleansing your body-and thus preparing it for conception. And if you're not too keen on acupuncture, you could choose acupressure as an alternative. A massage can provide many of the same benefits as acupuncture-and ultimately be one of the best ways to get pregnant.

3. Balance your hormones.

This is one of the most crucial steps to take, in order not only to become pregnant, but also to ensure that your baby will be safe and healthy. Hormones are crucial for assist our bodies' organs to function properly. In fact, you can take natural supplements to maximize the balance of your hormones. This is a safe and natural way to accomplish that mission.

4. Sometimes you shouldn't follow your doctor's orders.

While 99% of the time you should, one of the best ways to get pregnant is to avoid his or her advice if it involves unnatural fertility drugs.

5. Drink plenty of water.

While you should be doing this anyway, it's especially crucial if you want to boost your chance of becoming pregnant. This will help to keep your organs responsible for digestion, clean as a whistle.

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I sometimes hear from people who wonder how often you should be having sex when you are trying to conceive and chose your baby's gender. Many worry about having sex too little or too much. Some things you read will tell you that you should have sex as often as possible during your ovulation period. And others will tell you to limit intercourse before or during ovulation to make sure that sperm counts are as high as possible.

I heard from someone who said: "my husband and I are trying to have a boy baby. I've read that we should limit sex until the day that we try to conceive and then have sex as much as we can on the conception day. Is this correct? Is it possible to have too much or too little sex when trying to conceive?" I will try to address these concerns in the following article.

Timing Your Intercourse Correctly Is More Important Than The Amount Of Intercourse When You Are Trying To Choose Your Baby's Gender: When you are trying to choose your baby's gender and are dead set on either getting a boy or a girl baby, it's very important that you have sex at the right time or on the right day. When the "right day" occurs is partly influenced by when you ovulate. When you want a boy baby, it's best to conceive after ovulation. Not only that, but you want to conceive when you have an alkaline vaginal PH. In fact, if you try to conceive before ovulation, then you increase your chances of getting a girl. So it's better to limit yourself to conceiving when the time is right instead of just having sex as much as possible during a non specified period of time. It makes no sense to be so careful and precise to pinpoint the best day to conceive a boy, but to get so excited about the process or worry that you won't have enough opportunities to conceive that you begin to have sex before the optimal day. It may make you feel more thorough to do this, but ultimately you might be undermining all of your hard work because conceiving before ovulation decreases the numbers of Y or boy producing sperm and would therefore make a girl more likely. It's so important that you understand this.

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With that said, there's nothing inherently wrong with having sex frequently during your conception window. For example, in the scenario above, the woman writing wanted to conceive a boy. Let's say she was using an ovulation predictor and determined that on a Monday morning, ovulation had occurred. Once she got this positive signal, there was nothing wrong with having sex multiple times that day or into the next. This is fine as long as ovulation has occurred. And although the first attempt at conception was probably going to give her the highest chance of success, her subsequent attempts wouldn't hurt her chances since ovulation has already happened.

But now let's flip the scenario and assume that we're talking about a couple that wants a girl. Now let's say that on that same Monday they learned from a saliva predictor that ovulation was a couple of days away. This is a good time to have intercourse for a girl baby. And while it's OK to continue to have intercourse until ovulation happens, once testing shows you that you have ovulated, it's my opinion that you should stop having sex at that time. Because continuing to try to conceive past ovulation is going to increase your chances of getting a boy baby. And since you have no way of knowing which conception attempt actually results in a pregnancy, then in my opinion, it's just not worth the risk.

So to answer the question posed, the frequency of sex isn't nearly as important as the timing of sex. And if you're having so much intercourse that you go before or after your optimal day (depending on which gender you want,) then that could hurt your chances of getting the gender that you want.

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I sometimes hear from both men and women who want to know how to increase a man's X or Y sperm count because they are trying to conceive and they want one specific gender. For example, I might hear from a wife who has her heart set on conceiving a girl baby and she wants to know how to get her husband's X sperm count up. Or, I might hear from a hopeful father-to-be who wants a boy to carry on the family name and is looking for easy ways to increase his Y sperm count. The reason for this is that it is a Y sperm chromosome that produces a boy baby and it is an X that produces a girl.

And people often intuitively know that gender selection at home is in part a numbers game. While both X and Y race to the egg, typically (except for the case of twins,) only one can fertilize it. So people figure that one way to tip the odds in their favor is to ensure that they have more of the sperm chromosomes that are going to give them the gender that they want. They want to find out ways to increase their sperm count of only one chromosome.

Unfortunately, mother nature hasn't set it up this way. Men have equal amounts of both types of sperm and, although there are easy and non invasive methods to raise your sperm count in general, you can't raise one set of chromosomes while lowering the other. If a man has been told by his doctor that he has low sperm count, there are ways to naturally raise both X and Y sperm counts, like: wearing boxer shorts instead of briefs; avoiding saunas, hot tubs or hot showers; making sure he is getting enough vitamins and minerals (specifically zinc and selenium;) and eliminating the use of illegal drugs or smoking. In addition, if you abstain from sex for three days before you try to conceive, the man's sperm count will likely be a little higher.

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So where does this leave you if you want one gender over another? While I don't see the point in trying to raise only a particular type of sperm, I also know that instead, couples will often try to decrease the sperm chromosomes that will give them the gender that they would rather not have. For example, couples who want boy babies can diminish the female producing X sperm by using specialty douches. In addition, they can ensure that the Y sperm remain by consuming an alkaline diet. Likewise, couples who want girl babies can use the douching tactic as well, but they can also consume an acidic diet. Doing so helps to eliminate some of the boy sperm. Two other things can help with this also. You can use the correct timing for your conception (by conceiving before ovulation for a girl baby and after it for a boy) and the correct sexual positions. None of these things increases sperm count, but they do help to either discourage the sperm that you don't want or they help to preserve those that you need to give you the gender that you desire.

A good place to start is to test yourself using a PH tester. This will tell you if you are starting out acidic and alkaline and will help you in tracking your progress as you try douche regimens or make changes to your diet. So to answer the question posed, while a man can do things to increase sperm count, he can't isolate the sperm chromosomes. But there are things that you both can do to decrease the chromosomes you do want and increase those that you don't.

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If you suffer with that early morning queasiness that many women experience when they are expecting you know that it's just not fun. It's such a joy to find out that you are going to be a mom and then the challenge starts when you have to deal with the reality of morning sickness. There are many cures floating around for this harmless, but uncomfortable condition, but it's much better to prevent morning sickness before it even happens. There are a few things you can do to ensure that you don't experience too much nausea or vomiting early in your pregnancy.

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One easy way to prevent morning sickness is to know what triggers it. For many women the smell of certain foods sends their stomach into a tailspin. If you have noticed that you feel more nauseous when you are cooking or preparing particular foods, avoid them. If that's not possible consider cooking them in the microwave. In most cases, foods give off less of an aroma when they are being cooked in a microwave oven than when they are cooked on a stove or in the traditional oven. You may have to adapt your menu plans to avoid morning sickness.

Another way to prevent morning sickness is to cut out drinking beverages with your meals. Most of us enjoy a tall glass of milk or juice with our meals when we are expecting because of the extra nutrients it supplies to the growing baby. It's best to refrain from doing that though. Drink something thirty minutes or so after you've finished your meal. If you really do need something to sip on while eating, stick to plain water.

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