Urine can reflect a person's physical condition. We all have urine tests when we see a doctor or do a physical examination in life. A urine test has always been regarded as a standard of health in medicine. Doctors infer our physical condition from the differences in the composition and color of our urine. Many patients with prostatitis will observe their urine to judge their condition.

Then will prostatitis have foam urine? What happens to foam urine? Let's take a look at the specific analysis!

The urine of healthy people appears to be light yellow or transparent, and a little foam is normal. Because the urine excreted by people every day contains a lot of organic substances and inorganic salts. The surface tension of different substances in these metabolites is different, and there will be bubbles.

If there is a small amount of proteinuria in the urine, there may be a bubble. As long as there is not a large amount of proteinuria in the urine, only a tiny amount of foam urine, no special treatment is needed.

If there is more foam in the urine, there will be possible diseases such as urinary tract infection, prostate disease, diabetes, liver and kidney diseases, etc. Patients should go to the hospital for further examination to determine the cause.

Generally speaking, prostatitis patients also have foam urine. The main clinical symptoms of patients with prostatitis are urinary weakness, frequent urination, urgent urination pain, scrotal pain, thinning of the urinary line, etc. Prostatitis can lead to increased secretion of prostatic fluid. If the prostate fluid contains inflammatory components entering the urethra or bladder, it will cause changes in the urine properties, resulting in foam in the urine. Severe prostatitis can cause congestion and edema of glands and increase secretion of prostatic fluid, thereby increasing urine foam.

Occasionally, the emergence of foam urine, primarily physiological, such as excessive voiding and high urine concentration, you need not worry. But if there is a continuous occurrence of a large amount of foam urine and prostatitis, this situation must be treated promptly. For the treatment of prostatitis, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be selected, which can sufficiently alleviate the pain and discomfort of the prostate and the symptoms of abnormal urination. When treating prostatitis, this kind of foam urine will disappear.

Of course, there are many reasons for increasing urine foam. For example, sugar in the urine of diabetic patients may cause increased urine foam. Patients with nephritis have proteinuria and raised urine foam. In addition, drinking less water can lead to foam urine. If people do not love drinking water or lack enough water in life, they will lead to a lack of water in the urine, and the higher protein content will form foam urine.

In addition, some patients may have foam urine after suffering from fever (mainly after high fever) and after strenuous exercise. There is no definite renal organic disease in this case, which can be relieved by itself.
Therefore, foam urine can not be used as a diagnostic standard for prostatitis. But men with prostatitis may have foam urine.

In addition, men should pay attention to the following items in their daily life to prevent foam urine.

1. Pay attention to improving your resistance. Most diseases start with inflammation. Therefore, the most important thing to prevent inflammation is to enhance resistance and immunity. Proper exercise, excessive sweating, and excretion of excess acidic substances in the body can avoid urine foam. Irregular living habits will increase the burden on the body, reduce human immunity and cause inflammation.

2. Drink plenty of water. Drinking plenty of water can excrete many metabolites from the body through urine. Moreover, it can dilute the concentration of crystalline substances in the urine, avoid crystal deposition and prevent the occurrence of kidney stones. And a lot of water will not be digested, absorbed, and used by the human body. It will be filtered out of the body through the kidney, metabolize many products, and discharge harmful substances from the human body. At the same time, massive urination can metabolize the inflammatory substances of the kidney, ureter, and bladder.

3. Eat less hardcore oil and high salt food. High oil and high salt taste and diet will affect kidney health, and people may appear to have foam urine.

4. Regular physical examination. In particular, people with hypertension must often go to the hospital for a physical inspection. It is recommended that men check urine routine and renal function once a year to treat problems in time.
5. Keep in a good mood. Excessive stress will lead to acid deposition and affect normal metabolism.

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