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As an entrepreneur, you need to determine the number of employees required for your business and how much it will cost you to retain them on a full-time basis. If not done properly, you might experience some capital restraints which in turn might prevent you from being able to grow your business. The more successful your business, the more administrative tasks you will have; the more time you spend on such tasks, the less time you have to engage in business activities that generate income. Hiring a Virtual Assistant is an obvious solution to your staffing problems; you can avoid having to pay expensive employee taxes and benefits. No need to look for or rent additional office space for your employees. By means of a virtual assistant, you get the advantages of professional support and also get to reduce your overhead costs.

What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)? Why Choose a VA from the Philippines?

A Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor who provides proficient administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients without having to be physically present in the client's office. Hiring a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines make a perfect sense since Filipinos are hard workers and have an impeccable work ethic compared to other international VAs. You can find quality but less expensive workforce from the Philippines. Aside from skills, they value competence and are well versed in both spoken and written English. English language is the primary means of communication in the Philippines.

Virtual Assistant VS Full time staff

Outsourcing your company's administrative tasks to a virtual assistant is a wise decision because of the cost savings compared to traditional employees. When hiring full-time employees you will have to consider wages, insurance benefits, health benefits, vacation pay, office equipments, office space and training. Employee benefits are one of the biggest cash drains on business. By hiring VAs, you will reduce employee turnover, reduce training costs, increase productivity and increase the bottom line of your business.

Virtual Assistants from Philippines VS Other countries (such as India and China)

Ideally, you will want to hire virtual assistants who speak English as their first language compared to those who speak English but it's not their main language. This causes language barriers, poor comprehension, accents and communication gaps.

Philippines is known in the outsourcing industry as the "go to" country for the one of the best talent pools to meet the ever growing outsourcing needs of entrepreneurs globally. In fact there are US based companies who have opted to build institution in the Philippines and have chosen Filipinos to run their business. Filipinos are more fluent in English compared to other countries like India and China. Philippines is known for having people who value work, can easily comprehend instructions, can work lengthy hours at an affordable price and deliver results.

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