I have worked with so many clients that always state the same thing to me, in desperation...."Why am I breaking out again, I am 35 years old (or older)?" Society often suggests that acne is simply a teenage issue over puberty, and nothing much else is left to discuss. Yet over this past 50+ years, specifically women, have come face to face with a devastating reality, which is cystic, chronic, highly-inflammed acne on their faces and neck! What can this be, as by your 30's hormones are supposed to be even-keel, normal, cyclical and manageable?

Although a wide range of factors and variables should be considered before undertaking any major lifestyle shift, I want to point out a few key principles and suggestions that might ease your suffering, as it has for me and many clients I treat on a regular basis.

Acne is an indication of disruption within the chemical balance of the body as well as a compromised immune system. What should normally be processing through the liver and digestive system is purging through your largest organ, the skin-and this is indicating something very powerful! When your digestive system and immune system are impaired, your skin will be an obvious indicator of these literal "red flags". I can hear you asking "So what do I do about it?" Well, a few things are primary in importance, and other steps should follow as a lifestyle of prevention-let's begin!

Both men and women have very critical balancing acts of chemicals in the body that sustain life and health. Women are lucky enough to have a very specific hormonal homeostasis that ebs and flows cyclicly and can create some challenges when external and internal disharmonies exist, i.e. stress, birth control, STD's, chemicals from foods and additives, to much sugar, candida overgrowth, you get the picture.

Even with the best intentions of eating well, the SAD or Standard America Diet is wrought with dead, toxic food product. With this in mind, we must start with the root of why your body is craving sweets, is always thirsty, fatigued, anxious and achy. Candida, or yeast has been talked about for centuries, and is a normal part of our bodies, yet with the abundance of processed foods, sugars, antibiotics and other triggers, Candida has become a prevalent catalyst of deteriorating health. Candida is a a fungus, called Candida albicans, that causes yeast infections like thrush in the mouth and throat, and in intestines and other parts of the body. Once this fungus grows and becomes dominant in your body, Parasites can develop. With all these extra visitors consuming nutrients and creating waste-you can see how the life of your body would suffer.

Many Western Doctors are not familiar with how to treat the fungus and parasites associated with Candida, thus the holistic world has discovered some pivotal research and treatment protocols that are effective and without side effects. Statistics reveal that over 95% of Americans have overgrowth of Candida in their bodies! It is essential to deal with this issue before any other cleanse, supplements or effort is made at healing the digestive system and clearing the skin! If this critical issue is not dealt with, any additional supplement will create a higher toxic load on the bodies system and will create even more symptoms.

A set of tinctures that provide a comprehensive group of botanicals has been shown to combat the many strains of fungus associated with yeast and candida. These botanicals are Anti-Tumoral, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal, and an Anti-Oxidant and is non-toxic up to 150 times the maximum recommended dose. In addition, another powerful natural botanical destroys all the phases of Parasite growth in the body-eliminating the toxins they create. As you can imagine this process creates ample amounts of die-off, of all the Parasites and Fungus that is being destroyed. With this fact, additional Molybdenum is taken to absorb the die-off and prevent symptoms of purging other than the normal avenues of elimination. If your interest is peaked, I am glad you are still reading.

Eliminating Candida overgrowth will allow your body to work at its peak in digesting your food with ease and absorbing/eliminating as it needs to. Once this problem is under control, you can then begin adding powerful, whole-food green supplements and probiotics to re-edify the body and build vitality back into your life! Always look for whole-food supplements, preferably in a liquid base, as to absorb them more comprehensively. As you build your health over these next few months, develop better eating habits with more raw vegetables and whole grains. You will notice that the insatiable cravings will dissipate, if not completely disappear after the Candida is dealt with.

Finally, radiant skin will be yours! Your body will finally apply the proper nutrients to your skin, as opposed to waste material trying to exit the body. Enjoy a beautiful life, beautiful body and a beautiful new year!

Author's Bio: 

I am the founder and owner of Elan-Life Spa in Colorado. As the primary esthetician and with a background in health and fitness, I work diligently to understand and deal with the root causes of "dis-ease" in the body, specifically the skin. I came across a group of products and information about Candida, and realized the massive scope of interference this created for people. I am now very dedicated to educating individuals on how to be free of it-