Most people that want to learn how to make money online and work from home come from a job mindset. It requires a different way of thinking if you really want to make a living from home. Here are 3 things you need if you seriously want to have a successful online business.
1.Self Discipline- Most of us are use to being told what to do. All of our lives we have heard: “go to school”, “go to work”, “go on lunch break”, etc…
If you work for yourself as a home business owner, you want have anyone telling you what to do. You need to learn how develop a daily routine for yourself. This requires self-discipline.
You had a schedule in school and at your job, so why would you not want to develop a schedule for your own home business.
2. Personal Development- You job, the television, the radio, etc… is mostly negative. This means you have mostly negative thoughts even though you might not realize it. You have been programmed to think like the masses.
You can not realistically expect to be successful in any type of business if you do not grow as a person.
You can do this by reading and listening to business oriented and positive books and tapes. Even if you have to wake up early, or listen to audios on your commute to work, this is something you must do if you want to reprogram your mind for success.
3. Cash Flow- This requires good money management skills. If your personal finances are messed up it will carry over into your home business.
The good news is that all of these things can be learned, if you have enough desire.
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Jeremiah Carstarphen,
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