Why Should You Push yourself to “Speed-Up?
• 1. “But Dr. Franklin, what good is your new invention of Electrics?”
• 2. “Dear Lady, what good is a new-born baby?”
• 3. Get it? We just don’t know in advance the weird “apps” the little computer will run. Will it save “time”, make us creative, or just make ‘millions’. And it may just flop there like the beached-whale at Jones Beach.
• 4. Forget philosophy and theory, we are practical people who need a problem to solve before we start something.
• 5. Up until the 1950’s, folks sent their kids to college to learn about the world, and for “Knowledge for knowledge’s sake.” Today, you get strange stares if your college major is not aimed at a specific money-making career.
• 6. My cousin Albert said, “Imagination is more important than ‘knowledge’.” When I asked him “why?” he said, “most scientific research (knowledge) was obsolete, overridden, or proven wrong within five (5) years.
• 7. “Imagination (right-brain creativity) continues to deliver ideas forever.” Makes sense to me.
• 8. Can we have both, “The more you learn, the more your Earn!”, and “Knowledge for knowledge’s sake?” Don’t you believe in “personal growth”, together with earning mucho dinero? Me too. That’s being practical, right?
• 9. We are getting to a seriously, important strategy. It’s baby-easy to use, and improves you physically and mentally.
• 10. Here’s the “But”, you are NOT going to see its benefits until you experience it. B. Franklin would understand. It’s like the “new-born baby.”
• 11. “Speed” is good for your body, and gives self-confidence to your “mind.” Money luvs speed, and speed raises your brain’s vibrational wavelength (Hz) frequency.
• “So what?” Do a mind-experiment and see for yourself.
• 12. Step #1 Take your dominant-hand and place it for 3-seconds on the “base-of-your-back”. Rub your “sacral”
Vertebrae area, either with the flat of your hand across the skin, or through the covering material. Both work.
• 13. Step #2. Now, remove your hand, and close your eyes. Imagine (daydream) your dominant hand still remains on the base-of-your back. Clear? Open your eyes. Focus on the base, and continue to feel it.
• 14. Step #3. OK, now walk down a corridor (30-50 feet) at your normal, ordinary street-walking speed. Don’t think about anything in particular, just walk, eyes open. Nothing different, right?
• 15. Step #4. Eyes-open, imagine your own dominant hand, on the base-of-your back. Now daydream your hand PUSHING! you forward! Now start to walk, trot,
or run down the corridor, street or track.
• 16. Please “Imagine” you “Feel” the hand pushing-you-forward, and notice what happens. You Speed-Up!
• 17. Step #5. You will begin to (subconsciously) speed-up, jog faster, and “feel” motivated to move-like-the-wind. For ten-years we helped show this “imagination” strategy to athletes who compete, and maybe 98%, said their nattural speed increased up to 60%.
• 18. Q.“So-what? Who Cares? What’s In It for Me?”
• 19. Answer: This same “pushing” imagining motivates you to learn-and-remember about 60% ‘better’. Yes, it’s physical and your move rapidly, but it’s also mental-movement and triggers both-halves of your brain to perform better.
• 20. When your “vibrational-frequency” speeds-up by the mental pushing, you think and feel powerful. Yes, you are more self-confident, but it’s offers specific benefits.
• 21. If you use this “pushing” strategy before an important exam, you will ACE your tests. Giving a talk? You are believed, & influence others better. Taking an interview for a new hire or promotion? You have the “unique- competitive-edge” over other candidates. Win!
• 22. Sounds weird, but it improves your “posture”, and you impress new people you meet with your charisma (charm & personal magnetism). It makes you feel better, because you “look” better, and it keeps a smile on-your puss. Smile and it’s contagious, and you prevail. Ha!
• Endwords
Famous French scientist, Emile Coue’ (Kway) said, “When imagination is in competition with your Willpower (consciousness vs subconsciousness), imagination (right-brain) always wins!” [Act-Feel-Think ‘AS-IF’ it is so, and it paves-the-way for-your-physical and mental success.]

• You can use this ‘mental’ software program to motivate yourself for daily success. “Mentally” push yourself at the base-of-the-back, and you trigger ‘more’ than muscles, you activate your powerful “imagination” for personal-improvement. Test it, and if it works, USE IT!

a) “It ain’t what you DO, it’s the way that you DO it.
b) It aint what you GOT, it the way that you USE it.
c) It aint what you SAY, it’s the TIME that you say it.
d) That’s what gets results, easy-breeezy, that’s-what- gets-results.”

See ya, Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler-----------

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