There are numerous benefits to increasing your testosterone levels. It makes it easier to build muscle mass, burn body fat, and seriously enhances your sexual performance.

It helps us perform at our physical and mental best in many situations. There are also many other reasons to increase this vital hormone. Let’s examine a few of these great reasons. Reduced Facial Fat Wouldn’t you like to be more handsome? Increased testosterone makes facial muscles thicker and stronger giving your face a more chiseled and masculine look.

A fat puffy face often looks either unattractive or childish. By reducing your facial fat you instantly look better. Much evidence indicates that the higher the testosterone the less fat is able to cling to your face.

So basically, the more testosterone in your system, the manlier you will look. Increased Metabolism With higher T levels your body is burning more energy so you can literally eat more food without gaining weight.

Related to the previous benefit, there is evidence that fat cell production is inhibited as Testosterone increases. Testosterone also increases your metabolic rate. If you love to eat then this might be great news to you.
Women Are Attracted to High Testosterone Men Women are subconsciously attracted to men with high testosterone. It is common sense that women are naturally attracted to masculine men.

To be more specific, women are attracted to men with indicators of high testosterone. One well-known study asked women to judge attractiveness levels of men based on the smell of their t-shirts alone. Women all preferred the shirts of men with very high testosterone levels and were quite disgusted by the smells from shirts of some of the low T guys. Here is an article that can help you in details about
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Other more obvious characteristics are a chiseled masculine face, low body fat, and muscle mass. Improved Blood Flow Another great benefit of high testosterone is increased blood flow throughout the body. Testosterone stimulates the enzyme nitric oxide synthase, a molecule that widens and relaxes blood vessels and arteries. This enzyme improves erections, workouts, and shortens recovery time after workouts.

It helps your body function much more effectively as blood is flowing more freely. Lean Muscle Mass This may be the most obvious benefit of increased testosterone. By now it should be clear that testosterone helps your body manage the production of muscle mass and reduction of fat. From an evolutionary perspective we can look at it like this: The active hunter or warrior is busy fighting for food every day. He exerts a large amount of energy every day and his body adapts to provide the strength needed to survive.

This increased testosterone keeps his body fit and attractive. Whereas during times of inactivity the metabolism slows down. If he doesn’t need to go hunt or fight his body will not provide the testosterone to engage in these high energy consuming activities. Interestingly, a study by a team of Harvard University anthropologists showed men’s testosterone levels significantly decrease when they settle down and start a family. Multiple studies support these findings. Other studies have shown that testosterone begins to decline shortly after marriage, but surges upward after divorce. This clearly shows the importance of testosterone. When you need to fight, compete, and find a mate it will be available to you as long as you are healthy and capable of producing it. Healthier Bones Testosterone helps your body more effectively use calcium to maintain strong bones.

If you are still relatively young, your older self will be grateful to have strong
bones. Even as a young man strong bones are obviously important for both your physique and overall health. More Positive Mood High levels of testosterone enhance your mood. You will naturally feel happier as you get healthier. A lot of people have trouble with depression and other mood disorders. Perhaps they need some intense work on themselves and contemplation about what is really causing their problems. Perhaps they could also benefit from professional help. If you want to take responsibility for your mood then working on your health and testosterone is something you should really work on. Conclusion Natural testosterone clearly contributes to a more enjoyable life.

Obviously you aren’t going to erase decades of pessimism with a few trips to the gym and eating right. But being concerned with how your actions contribute to your testosterone and thus masculinity is a clear step in the right direction. Conversely, we should also be aware that there are dangers to having too much testosterone in the system. One example is the condition known as hyperthyroidism. In which, the thyroid produces excess testosterone. Some symptoms of this condition include: Appetite change (decrease or increase) Difficulty sleeping (insomnia) Fatigue Frequent bowel movement — perhaps diarrhea Heart palpitations Heat intolerance Increased sweating Irritability Mental disturbances Muscle weakness Nervousness Problems with fertility Shortness of breath Sudden paralysis Tremor/shakiness Vision changes Weight loss-but perhaps weight gain
Dizziness Thinning of hair Itching and hives Possible increase in blood sugar Hyperthyroidism can potentially lead to cancer so take care of your health and consult a thyroid specialist if necessary.

There are other conditions that contribute to excess testosterone and the unfortunate potential of developing cancer. Such as drugs, steroids and cancerous substances you come into contact with. Be careful what you put into your body.

There are no shortcuts. No matter what you do to yourself you will always have to face the consequences. You only have one body and it is your responsibility to take care of it and develop it to its fullest potential. When it comes to your health, there are many things you should consider. As a man, it is your duty to be familiar with this hormone responsible for your masculinity or lack of it.

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