Everyone wants to book a best wedding photographer for their big day. But many people do not think of hiring one for small functions of their wedding such as haldi, religious rituals at home, mehndi, or sagan etc. Many of these tasks are conducted in the home with only close family members, so many couples do not think about hiring a professional photographer for these occasions. Instead, they rely on phone cameras and enthusiastic cousins who want to do their part in the wedding.

Whether it is to exchange naughty glances during youth worship, or a casual chat with your grandmother, you will want to hold these memories forever. Even though it may cost you more, why should you hire a professional wedding photographer for small tasks of your wedding.

For a ceremony like Haldi, most people think the pictures will look very messy, so they will not hire a professional photographer. but it's! Mess makes for amazing candid pictures with his family and close friends. No one is looking their best, or even trying. Instead, the day is like a mini-Holi, with everyone trying to apply maximum haldi on the bride or groom and getting colored instead.

Whether it is the glitter on the bride's face when she sees the bride's mehndi on her hands, or a mother watching her daughter fondly as she prepares to tie the knot, a candid wedding photographer cleverly captures these moments. And they move silently into the crowd, waiting for these precious few seconds. Most of the time, you did not even know that someone had taken a picture of you until you saw the final album and saw the beauty of these natural paintings.

Your young cousins, nephews or nieces may be great with their phone cameras, but they will not be able to capture the sweet moments that often occur between rituals. No plan or situation is required like the picture above. All it needs is candid shots with a picture and a pair just doing their thing.

Most brides and grooms take formal photographs clicked during the ritual or on stage. But what they laugh about and remember is moments that happened right before or after those photos, when their family and friends were their natural, fun-loving people. A professional candid photographer will not only click moments that will be remembered forever, they will give you high-resolution images that can be framed.

It is only during these small tasks that you get time to sit and chat with your grandmother, or share a laugh with your cousins. This is the time when a candid photographer can capture all the happy and precious moment of you and your family. Do not miss it!

Haldi, mehndi and other actions that occur during your wedding will create a bouquet of memories for the rest of your life. So hire the best wedding photographer in Udaipur who can make the most of those moments and pack them into an album.

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