Toast has come along way since man discovered fire. The first toast was done by holding bread over the fire with a tick. Man discovered how delicious bread is when it is crunchy. The sound they hear after each bite is just like music. The taste of toasted bread seemed like something that would wake them up for a day of work. Today, bread is not toasted only to make it crunchy but also for it to last longer.

As years passed by, electricity was discovered, the light bulb was invented, and everything improved. Making toast involved electricity then. By the 1920’s, the next thing people knew, they has a something that was called a “toaster” in their homes and everyone enjoyed all the popping of the toasts each morning. By the 1960’s, toaster companies innovated and they started to incorporate style on what they sell. They have deemed the looks important because there is no doubt that the kitchen should also be presentable and the appliances that we have in the kitchen affect the whole kitchen’s value.

Retro toasters have a unique design. It is shiny and sleek. The classic retro toasters are well-designed and thought of well. Today, we still see them out in the market. The best thing is hat they don’t go out of style. We are already in the 21st century and still retro toasters are a fad. They amazingly attract attention whenever people see them in someone’s kitchen. But retro toasters do not stop there. They also work as much as the ordinary toasters do. You can throw in your plain bread, English muffins, bagels, thick bread, and even some fish sticks! Retro toasters out in the marker are not the ones that are sold in the 1960’s. They just look alike but they also use high technology too. They function just as the ordinary toasters do.

You can get a retro toaster just for a few bucks. It isn’t antic or something that has been in someone else’s hands for years. It is just a replica of those sold in the 1960’s but its interiors, settings, buttons, and everything else is also basically the same as the other toaster today.

Just as the earliest toasters, retro toasters are well-designed with solid workmanship. It still comes with the shiny finish with chrome exteriors. Keep in mind that taking care of your retro toaster is very important too. Keep it shiny on the outside. Wipe it and avoid getting it damaged with some roughly textured stuff. Avoid getting it scratched. The interiors should also be kept clean by making sure that debris and crumbs do not accumulate inside so that your toaster will continue to work well for you.

The word “retro” means something that is outdated, something that was aged. It means that it was the trend back then in relation to a certain culture. Retro toasters were the trend and it still lives to be until now. Get one, take care of it well, pass it on from generation to generation and you will have a certified retro toaster to pass as an heirloom. Get on your groove with a retro toaster!

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