I was using a single Din car stereo and planning to shift to a double Din stereo. I bought this amazing car stereo a few years and now it is time to buy a better version. My name is Julia and I am working as a primary school teacher in a small town.

I have 1977 Sedan and I love to drive it daily to my job. However, in the past few days, I am facing trouble reversing the car at school’s parking. This 77 version of Sedan features a lower body frame and now I have to buy a new version of a car stereo that supports the rear-view camera.

I started looking at different forums that were discussing car stereos. I soon realized that a double Din car stereo is the only option for me. There are so many quality features that are just limited with the double Din stereo.

I researched a lot and finally bought this amazing Double Din Stereo System for Car. There are many things that you should consider while buying a car stereo. I prefer to go with a budget-friendly car stereo and I bought Pioneer AVH car stereo. I will share all the details of the Pioneer double Din car stereo here:

•This amazing car stereo features in-dash DVD, CD player along with an HDMI port. This features a 7-inch car stereo that is equipped with Bluetooth technology. You can easily connect your Android mobile phone with this double Din Car stereo simply by using the Android Auto app. This double Din car stereo features a full HD touch screen and you will have an amazing experience while watching movies or songs.

•By attaching a rear-view camera, you can easily reverse the park and it helps a lot while parking. This was the sole reason why I decided to go for a double Din car stereo.

•You can use apps and gadgets like iPod, iPad, MP4, and your mobile phone without any difficulty. I have been using my Android phone with this car stereo system. You can even connect this car stereo with your headrest monitors for cars and enjoy quality entertainment.
Now comes the amazing part, by using HDMI port, you even attach your laptop with the car stereo. Thanks to the GPS navigation features, I can now travel anywhere just by clicking on the Google maps. You can even use Google assistant and it will help you with almost anything, be it maps or shops.

One of the amazing features of the Android car stereo is the presence of the Google assistant. Just ask anything and it will guide you with the best options. Similarly, for Apple Car Stereo, you can use Seri, that also works magic like Google assistant.

I have also seen many touch screen car stereo and many fellows are using and enjoying all the quality and user-friendly features. With all the features like a Bluetooth and HDMI, this double Din car stereo is a must buy.
Now that we are done with the car stereo, it is now time to select car speakers. There are two major types and these are 6.5 and 6x9 inches car speakers. I decided to add 6x9 speakers with this amazing double Din stereo and O, Boy, things are just awesome.

If you have any question about car stereo, just add in the comments below and my team will answer them in detail. Best of luck.

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I’m Nancy, a homesteader, I love everything that has to do with simple living. One of our mates has written this article. He is passionate about Double Din Stereo System.