If there is one thing that will move you forward faster financially, the idea I have for you today could very well be the one that does it for you.

Recently I had a subscriber write into me claiming that some of the material he was learning inside of our member’s area was content that “he knew already”.

I kindly wrote back to him and asked whether or not he had actively been applying those ideas and the kinds of results he was getting.

The response I received back was very revealing…

He replied, “Well no… but when are we going to get to the advanced stuff?”

And herein lies the problem with most individuals when it comes to creating wealth and abundance


At some level, most people intuitively know (or at least have some sense) what they need to do in order to turn their financial situations around.

At the most basic level it looks something like this:

1) Earn more than you spending

2) Save the difference

3) Invest the surplus wisely

Simple right? Yet how many people do you know (yourself included) actually DO this?

Heck even the government can’t seem to figure this out…And they supposedly have scores of people with graduate level university education running the show! Explain that one to me…

But that’s neither here nor there. The point of the matter is that this person was falling into the classic trap that plagues so many people.

They go and get all the information they need in order to be financially successful, then instead of going and actually applying what they learn, they do the following: 1) Go get more information because “they don’t know enough” 2) Scrutinize every detail of what they learn and engage in “paralysis of analysis” 3) Or simply do nothing, make excuses, and rationalize why it’s not the “right time” to take action.

Know this – There is a gigantic difference between KNOWING about something and actually DOING something.

Whoever said that “knowledge is power” is dead wrong. Knowledge is NOT power – It is POTENTIAL power. Knowledge is completely useless unless you proactively apply what it is you’re learning and your behavior changes as a result.


1) Make a list of all the things you’ve been meaning to do to improve your finances but haven’t gotten around to yet.

2) Look at your list and determine which ones you could accomplish the fastest and would lead to the biggest change in your financial results you’re currently getting now.

3) As soon as you stop reading this post, GO AND DO THESE THINGS RIGHT NOW! I mean it… If you don’t start doing them now you’ll simply just keep putting them off.

The sooner you move yourself into action, the sooner your results are going to change and the sooner you’re going to reach your financial goals.

So what is something that you know you’ve needed to do yet still haven’t done it? Is it starting that new business? Writing that proposal? Following up with that potential client?

Whatever it is, leave me a comment and share your big action item that you’ve been meaning to get done but haven’t got around to it yet.

Post your big “to do” below so that you publicly declare what it is you’re going to do so that our community will hold you accountable.

I look forward to hearing your big success in the coming weeks and months!

To your abundance,
Michael Stead
Founder, The Abundance Society

Author's Bio: 

Michael Stead is the mastermind behind The Abundance Society – an online membership community that gathers world leading experts and thought leaders to bring the financial education and wealth creation secrets of the top 1% to the struggling middle class of the world.

After personally witnessing the destruction the financial crisis of 2008/2009 had on people's lives, Michael has made it his personal mission to uncover and share how the wealthy are investing & growing their wealth right now so he can teach others their secrets.

The Abundance Society differentiates itself from other financial websites by taking a holistic approach to creating wealth and abundance by showing its members how to design their ideal vision of a sensational life, how to overcome their internal barriers to abundance, and how to take control of their financial destiny.