Consider that you have just got hired by a company but the old company website is something that is holding back all your credibility and chances. Now you hate your website and you cannot stand looking at it. Possibly you are thinking to redesign website without losing SEO to improve your business.

Most of the marketing of a business depends on the representation of it on the internet. But your partners and others in the managing posts are not convinced about the idea of redesigning. So here are some important reasons to redesign your website you can use to convince them.

• Your website is still working in outdated version: the company is using an outdated version of website design for the website. Due to this, your website looks like the grandpa of other websites of your competitors. The width, alignments, space utilization everything is a misfit in the modern world. This creates a massive gap in overall representation of the company in the virtual world. Also, this leaves your website at high risk of getting hacked.

Generally, websites which use outdated versions can easily get hacked than those use modern designs. As the later one uses improved security protocols. The worst about outdated design is that you cannot update any information or any important data on the website. Responsive design website builders recommend keeping an eye on redesigning the website always.

• Your website looks ugly and it is not compatible with all devices and worst of all it cannot be found in Google: yes, you heard it right. The shades of colors and designs used for your website looks ugly as older designs did not have much on the attractive look of any website, unlike modern designs. This will distract the overall traffic away from your website causing a massive downfall to your marketing policy. Also, older versions of website designs are not compatible with every device which makes it impossible for everyone to look at your website. On top of that this kind of negligence can cost you much more.

Your website will not be found in Google search engine and you can have to face penalty charges from Google. As a whole, this is a major setback for your website and company. It is better to redesign website for mobile phones so every smartphone user can access your website.

Author's Bio: 

Lisa Hayden is professional Web designer at ReadytoDesign. She also writes some blogs on web designing.