Most accidents take place inside the home. The main culprit is the bathroom, with slips in the tub, or while getting out of the tub, at the top of the list. But another location where accidents can occur is when the home owner tries to get in or out of their attic. Some homes may have access to the attic conveniently built in, but many other homes have a hatch for the attic, and that's it. It is up to the home owner to decide how they want to reach that hatch.

That's where the problem lies. Because many people don't have occasion to go into their attic more than once or twice a year, they make do with stepping on a chair, or climbing up via a step ladder - which makes it easy to climb up into the attic, but it not quite so convenient in getting down. Indeed, it's the getting down that is the killer.

The solution is the pull down attic ladder. A pull down ladder is the ideal solution. It folds up into the ceiling when not in use, and when its needed, easily unfolds and locks into place, making it easy to both enter and exit the attic. These pull down ladders can be purchased at any large home supply store, or online from any one of several companies that specialize in such ladders.

These types of ladders come in either wood or aluminum. Wood looks nicer, but aluminum is lighter, which is a consideration if you are installing it yourself. Pull down ladders vary in price for a variety of reasons. Wooden ladders are more expensive than aluminum, and aluminum is lighter, which is a consideration if you're installing the steps yourself. But for homes with a wood finish, a matching wooden ladder would look nicer.

When purchasing such a ladder, its usually a good idea to get a load-bearing capacity far and above what anyone in the house actually ways! A capacity of 250 pounds is pretty standard. If someone lives in the house who weighs more than that, and if it they who will be climbing up the steps, ensure that the load bearing capacity is not exceeded. Other features that are nice - but of course will add to the price, are a hanging strap that will make the ladder easier to pull down, and adjustable spring tension so it's easier to push it back into place

When purchasing a ladder, make sure you measure the height from floor to attic. Indeed, measure it twice, so you get the right size ladder for your needs. Then, examine the tools needed and the instructions and make your decision if you wish to install it yourself or employ a handy person to do so.

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