Have you suffered a workplace injury and want to hire a workers’ compensation attorney? If truth be told, it actually depends on how severe your injury is and what is the overall complexity of your case.

If there’s a proven complexity in your case, that’s the moment when you need a worker’s compensation lawyer. Let’s check it out if you fall into one of these conditions, then you should contact an attorney right away!

When Employer Rejects Your Claim Or You Aren’t Receiving The Benefits Quickly

It’s a fact that the employers and the insurers habitually deny authentic worker’s compensation claims, thinking that employees won’t appeal. Sorry to say, they are actually right. Approximately 80 percent of the employees who fulfills the eligibility criteria, simply accept the denial of their claims and won’t appeal. But let me tell you one thing that hiring a workers’ compensation attorney costs nothing up front. So, don’t miss out the chance to get a fair settlement of your injuries.

When Your Employer’s Settlement Offer Doesn’t Include All Your Medical Bills & Lost Wages

Another good reason to hire an attorney is when you’re not sure whether the settlement is fair enough or not. Never rely on the workers’ comp judge to confirm that you’re getting a fair treatment. Even though, the workers’ settlements should be approved by the court, but the judges normally sign off on an agreement until there’s a major ambiguity. If you really don’t want to be mistreated in any way, hire an attorney.

When You Got Permanent Partial Disability Or Permanent Total Disability, Which Prevents You From Work

If there’s a medical condition that prevents you from returning to the your job, then you might be entitled to the lifetime weekly payments. In some cases, companies pay a lump sum amount for your lost wages. For insurance companies, such cases are quite expensive, but they can’t mistreat you for what you actually deserve. In permanent illness or injury cases, you need a well-informed workers’ compensation attorney to work for you.

When Your Workers’ Compensation Settlement Isn’t Structured Appropriately

You need a knowledgeable attorney if, in case, you want to get entitled to social security disability benefits as you don’t have a well-thought out workers’ comp settlement. A professional lawyer will know how to draft your settlement agreement in order to reduce or eliminate this offset.

When Your Employer Strikes Back Against You For Filing A Workers’ Compensation Claim   

There’s a possibility that your boss will slash your hours, devalue you, fire you, reduce your pay or discriminate you because you’ve filed a workers’ compensation claim. If you experience such scenarios, contact the attorney right away!

When You’re Eligible To File A Third-Party Claim

There are some cases in which the sufferer is eligible to file a third-party claim whose negligence contributed to your injury. In case of the civil damages, workers’ comp settlements often exceeds as they comprise of non-economic harms such as suffering and pain. Contact an knowledgeable workers’ comp lawyer for help!

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