Wearing a certain print can speak volumes. Leopard is vampish, florals ladylike, zebra stuck in the ‘80s. But what of the polka dot? It often gets a bad rap, and admittedly, in certain incarnations, can be a tad ‘little girl's tea party' for grown-up women. But in the right hands, polka dots can strike that tricky balance between modern and elegant.

Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama's love of all things dotty hasn't just graced art galleries. In 2012, Louis Vuitton tapped Kusama for a collaboration that saw the French fashion house's signature bag shapes reinvented in poisonous toadstool spots and their Fifth Avenue store covered with monochrome polka dots that could be seen from blocks away.

Not that polka dots always need to be quite that loud. A spotted shirt under a navy suit will liven up workwear, and a dotted silk scarf can be tied at the neck, onto the strap of a handbag or into the hair for a dash of print. If you do opt for an all-over print, pay attention to scale - the slighter you are, the smaller the dot should be, and vice versa.

Black and white spots might be classic, but if the color is more your bag then there are plenty of options to choose from. As Kusama discovered, red looks particularly striking. Otherwise, softer shades - think burgundy and bottle green, or the brown will soften the print a little for every day.

For those who find florals too fussy, there's something refreshingly clean about spots - they're graphics, but better suited to occasion wear than stripes. Bold rather than pretty, polka dots lend themselves to tailor-made silhouettes just as easily as frilly ones.

It looks like that the polka-dot print is popping up in masses this season. Women of different folks love to wear polka-dot prints. We know that traditional colors and clothes remain a standard in business clothing for women, but these prints are even getting popularity in office fashion . Ladies 1950's black polka dot cocktail attire for women is very in nowadays. These beautiful 1950's inspired halterneck dresses add charm to your look with a black petticoat and flexi skirt.

It seems that the '90s are "back" because 90s trends have been so rife over the last few years and it feels like they never went away. They are making space for variations of the print to exist in large shouldered dresses, hook up back kitten heels, and even high-cut manikins.

As such, polka-dots promise to complement a vibrant element to your real-life clothing with a grown-up appearance. So, wear your favorite where go big or go home to really make a blatantly bold statement.

Polka dots go in and out of fashion, but they still appear on modern clothes today all over the world, not only on vintage and retro clothes. Of course, this pattern has a vintage connotation, but it's also very feminine and playful. This might be the reason why it will never go out of style.

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