There’s a lot of myth circulating that you should never put your device in rice when it accidentally drops in a puddle of water.  So, in context to this, the million-dollar question to ask here is ‘Do They Actually Make Things Better?’

Truth be told- It Doesn’t. Instead, some even suggest that you should reach for alcohol and not rice. Whatever be the common notion, here’s a post which will clarify all false beliefs thus proving that putting your soaked mobile phone in rice Should Not Be Done.

Follow closely!

What Happens?

When you put your smartphone in rice, it basically does nothing. It is almost like you are trying to achieve something forcefully (due to the false pretences). 

Corrosion happens immediately when your phone gets drenched in water. And if the exposure is severe or for a considerably long time, then corrosion may also reach those crucial components. 

Now if you resist switching on the phone till it tries on the table, or (as per many) in a rice bag, it luckily gets on. However, this has nothing to do with putting your device in a rice bag, and all to do with luck.

If anything, even if your device switches on and starts working somewhat normally, it could prove more damaging. The corrosion will spread and oxidise the solder joints, thus making it weak and brittle. And the more you use, this corrosion will continue to spread inside the device. 

Secrets To Dealing With A Water Damaged Phone:- 

Your priority is to displace the water, and the best way to achieve this is by using 90% + Isopropyl Alcohol (mainly for rubbing) with the help of a toothbrush. 

Open up the device immediately, remove the battery and perform the scrubbing. Once done, dip the whole motherboard in alcohol and then again scrub using the toothbrush. Once done, dry the device and see whether it works or not.

The aim is always to displace the liquid before it dries off- much like cleaning a pancake batter after being spilled on the counter on a Sunday morning. This is perhaps the most effective DIY hack for treating water damaged iPhones and smartphones of other brands.

If All Fails...?

If this aforementioned trick doesn’t work as well as you expect it to, then it is best to contact a reliable and ‘cost-effective phone repair shop near me and take it to their workshop for professional repairs.

  • These experts have the know-how to fix water damaged phones properly and at short notice.
  • If they come across some part that’s damaged or on the verge of malfunctioning, then they will also repair those faulty parts with genuine and warranted spare parts.
  • They will present their repairs at budget-friendly rates and ensure your smartphone (regardless of the make and model) functions exactly how it did before the accident.

So, if you are undergoing this mind-numbing task of figuring out what to do with your water-soaked smartphone, just find a trustworthy broken iPhone (and other mobile brand) repair shop in your area and fix a schedule.

They will be happy to fix your iPhone damage in their Brisbane workshop in super-quick time.

Author's Bio: 

The author runs a business specialising in broken iPhone repair services at budget-friendly rates. With that, the author also educates the readers with blogs and articles on different quick-fix iPhone tricks in Brisbane for avid users.