The education imparted during school time should not just stay within the four corners of the classroom. It is essential for your kids to apply that knowledge outside as well. This is where Pinewood International comes into play. Established in the year 2000, this CBSE affiliated school has gained its reputation to be one of the boarding schools in Delhi NCR. Unlike other normal schools, it is a boarding school that gives children, especially those pursuing higher education, receive a different approach to life that would benefit them in the long run as well.

Welcome to Pinewood International - the Best Boarding School in Delhi NCR
Pinewood International school sets a standard for students to create an environment for them to grow with mutual respect and understanding. More than academics, the school teaches children how to grow as an individual on a daily basis. The facilities provided by the school are spread over a gorgeous 7 acres campus with the best amenities one can possibly get. Since the old classroom model is not followed, an international approach helps the teachers dedicate time personally to every student and focus on their weaknesses to help them progress better.

What facilities does Pinewood International Provide?
Pinewood International School is acclaimed as the top boarding school in Gurugram, Delhi NCR since its inception. It owes its name and fame because of the striking facilities and amenities listed as follows,

Feel at home away from home: How can your child feel like home? Pinewood International equips all its dorms with spacious bedrooms and personal lockers for every student. The boarding management influences students to be responsible for their own belongings and tries to indulge them to do things together to develop their bonds and grow as individuals. There are also certain areas around the campus dedicated to socializing, eating and drinking where students can bond and pass their free time. Sports, dance, music and other co curriculums are also active scenes unlike other schools in Faridabad.

Pinewood Cafetaria: How can you ensure that your child eats right? The school cafeteria has a different menu for every day of the week. Fresh food is served during breakfast, lunch and dinner keeping in mind the child’s health. Nutritious food made just like at home is served on a daily basis, in addition to having vending machines for snacks and cold drinks as and when needed. Since recess is the most crucial time for a student to unload, it also brings an approach for them to gel along well. Food safety standards are maintained and good hygiene is promoted by the management and students alike.

A Student Council Body: How can kids learn to take leadership roles? Pinewood International ensures that a student body is created that would represent all the students in the school. Usually taken up by senior grade students, the council acts as the voice of the student body in taking important decisions. It corresponds with the school’s management during events and conducts weekly or bi-monthly tasks to strengthen the core. This approach helps in building relationships between peers, teachers, and parents as well.

Coaching Facilities: The school provides coaching facilities for students willing to give government exams and join the banking or the military sectors. Pinewood International sends across some of the best students to appear for the Army exams through their Rashtriya Indian Military Exam Coaching. Unlike most schools in Gurgaon, Pinewood stands out by preparing its students in all fields - something amiss in most modern schools of today.

Keeping all this in mind, you can be assured that Pinewood International offers state of the art facilities for its students for a guiding influence over the years. Regarded as the best boarding school in Delhi, it improves the quality of life of every student in the school to help them pursue their interests later in life. All the students are given a scope to reach greater heights during their stay in the best boarding school in Delhi.

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