Do you think that social media is not the right platform for you to promote your dental practice? It is probably because you think something related to oral health and hygiene might not capture the interest of the audience on social media. But this is a huge misconception and you can see countless examples of established dental practices that have an active presence on social media. Social media marketing for dentists is an excellent way to engage with existing patients and also capture new patients who might turn into loyal patients in the long run.

If you are still not convinced of the benefits of social media marketing, read this article that highlights the need of social media for dentists.

Reasons why dentists must try social media marketing for dental clinics

Below are top reasons why dentists should use social media as a part of their dental online marketing.

Brand awareness

Have you noticed the likes, comments and shares that brands receive on Facebook and Instagram? The people who like and share content are not necessarily customers of that particular brand. But the brand is popular among everyone regardless of the number of customers they have. Similarly, you can post regular content on social media as a part of digital marketing for a dental practice. It could be anything from simple tips on oral hygiene to photographs of happy patients or your staff members. Irrespective of how the number of patients you have, your content will be seen and shared by a wide audience. This increases awareness and people recognize you easily even if you are relatively new to the industry.

Influences the decision of prospective patients

Social media is a vital component of digital marketing for dentists. When people repeatedly see your ads or regular posts on social media, they tend to remember details about your dental practice and it stays on top of mind. Many times, people just love the way brands interact with customers on social media and are motivated to associate with the brand in future. If you share good content on social media, your prospective patients might find value and consider booking an appointment in case any dental problems arise in future. Also, people like to associate with dental clinics that enjoy a good fan base online because they automatically assume that the clinic is trustworthy. The chances of people scheduling an appointment with you are more if you really invest some time in posting quality content on social media.

Reinforce your brand

What if people forget about your clinic after a few months? How do you make sure that people at least remember you even if they are no longer associated with your clinic? Again social media is the answer. After creating awareness and attracting few new patients, it is important that people remember and continue to make visits in future. Your aim is not just to increase the number of patients but retain them as well. An active presence on social media means people will never forget your dental practice. The pleasant memories of their first visit will also stay fresh in their memory. A dentist digital marketing agency can help create compelling social media campaigns.


Social media has received attention from healthcare professionals like dentists as they serve as an effective tool to communicate with patients. If you are confused where to start and how to expand your presence on social media, contact a well-experienced dental marketing California agency like Dental Marketo that exclusively caters to dentists.

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