Technology is an ever-changing field. The market is flooded with innovations and its components. The backbone of any technology is the programming language in which it is written. There are ample programming languages in the market which promise to be the best.

All programming languages have some unique features or the other, some are highly desirable hence widely used, and some a little less. Here, we will weigh the two most popularly used programming languages, Java and Python. As per Statista, “Python and Java rounded out the top five most widely used programming languages around the world”. Before you think to hire Java developers, let us draw a comparison between the two languages.

An Introduction To Python And Java

● Python: Python is a general-purpose, high-level programming language. It is easy to learn, use and maintain. It offers simple syntax that eases readability. It looks very similar to the English language, making it easy for beginners to learn. Statista reports, “Python has a 44.1% share of respondents in the list of most used programming languages among developers worldwide.” According to the JetBrains survey, “84% of Python users in our survey use Python as their main language, while for 16% it is their secondary option.”

● Java: Java is an object-oriented programming language created by James Gosling from Sun Microsystems in 1991. The language was developed to help developers use the same program written once on multiple operating systems. Statista reveals, “Java has a 40.2% share of respondents in the list of most used programming languages among developers worldwide.” W3Techs research suggests that “Java is used by 3.4% of all the websites whose server-side programming language we know.” Some of the popular sites leveraging the advantage of using Java are,,,, etc.

Python and Java both are high in-demand programming languages. Both the languages are competing neck-to-neck to establish themselves as the dominant player. If you are juggling to choose between Python and Java for your project, look no further. We will elaborate on the benefits of each language in this article so that you can make your choice. However, it is advisable that you pick up Python for your business-oriented solution.

Java Vs. Python: A Comparison

Irrespective of the plethora of programming languages introduced now and then, Java and Python are still holding their prestigious positions. And, the statistics suggest, they will continue to do so without showing any signs of slowing down.

Advantages Of Using Java

● Object-oriented Programming Language: Businesses use Java to reduce the development time and have a cost-effective solution. The object-oriented nature of the language allows the Java development company to write reusable codes.

● Platform-independent: One of the main reasons behind the success of Java is its ability to support cross-platform development. The increasing usage of smartphones of different operating systems and devices has spiked the need for platform-independent programming language.

● Community Support: Java is one of the most popular languages among developers and hence has a huge active community. The community is prompt with solving issues and engaging in discussions along with the Java development services.

Advantages Of Using Python

Stackoverflow suggests, “Python is the most preferred language which means that the majority of developers use Python.” And in the words of Pau Dubois, “Python is the most powerful language you can still read”.

● Test-driven Development: Python is an open-source programming language and helps you in fast and pocket-friendly development. It has lots of tools and frameworks that make the development process a lot easier.

● Organized Data Structure: Python gives the flexibility to developers to use high-level data typing to deploy high performing projects. It is integrated with an in-built list and dictionary data structures.

● Excellent Readability: One of the best features of Python is the ease of readability. Python is one of the few languages that offers this excellent feature of using English keywords instead of punctuations. The quality of source code is important while writing and the easy syntax of Python takes care of it. Being an interpreted programming language, it facilitates the use of the code on multiple platforms.

● Dynamic Libraries: Python has strong and diverse libraries that support multiple components such as operating system interfaces, internet protocols, string operations, etc. The library has in-built base codes for complicated programming which a web application development company can easily use and save time.

Why Is Python A Better Choice For Your Business?

● Machine learning and data science application: The era belongs to technology. The technology that is open to integrate new innovations is more preferable. This is one of the prime reasons why businesses are choosing Python over Java.

● User-friendliness: Python is easy to learn and use due to its dynamic programming model. Java is also easy to learn, but Python due to its dynamic nature wins a point over Java.

● Market Popularity: Both languages are highly popular. Java was the most popular initially but its popularity got affected after the launch of the Kotlin development platform. On the other hand, the Python graph is steep with no signs of decline. Moreover, Python development services have better information on market trends.

What Role Do Python Developers Play?

A python developer can quickly catch up with the language and is responsible for the server-side of web applications. Developers should know the front-end as well to enable easy integration of components. Easy to use syntax and the emergence of Kivy Python app development has spiked the inclination of web development companies towards Python.

Guido van Rossum, the developer of Python, believes that “Python is an experiment in how much freedom programmers need. Too much freedom and nobody can read another’s code; too little and expressiveness is endangered.”

Wrapping Up

Here, we have compared the two most used programming languages Java and Python. Both languages have their positives and can be utilized for generic programming tasks. However, if you are a business and wish to deploy a programming language for specific application development, it is advisable that you choose Python. Python offers flexibility in coding and allows developers to easily handle large data and numbers. Nevertheless, whichever programming language you pick, make sure to hire the best web development company for your needs.

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