Before considering any of the scar removal treatments available in the market, it is necessary to know about the skin and the reason for its formation. People are often surrounded by myths and consider scars as cosmetic. Scars happen almost every time a scratch or cut gets deep down to the dermal layer of the skin or even beyond it. The scar tissues are made of collagen and the same fibers which can hold together normal skin cells along with fibrin and fibers that link together like mesh. In scar tissue, the collagen fibers are aligned in the same direction which makes it less flexible when cross-linked with fibrin protein fibers. The scars can be painful, itchy and can cause long-term problems like insomnia anxiety or depression.

What are the main causes of scars?

i. It could be genetic

Some people are prone to scarring partly due to their skin type or genetic process. The body of such people often produces too much of collagen when they are healing and therefore results in the formation of scar.

ii. Skin type of the individual plays a major role

According to medical reports, dark skins tend to scar badly and are particularly susceptible to Keloids. Moreover, people who burn easily in the skin also tend to scar badly.

iii. Size of the wound and the time it takes to heal

The larger the wound the higher is the chances to develop an abnormal scar. In addition, it has been proven that the longer the wound takes to heal, the higher are the chances of getting scars. The time to heal is dictated by the severity of the wound, wound infections, number of dressing changes and how deep the wound is.

With different reasons for the formation of scars, there are multiple types of scars found in the human body; therefore, there are multiple scar removal treatments available. However, the best form of treatment is prevention and careful healing of the wound. The simpler scars can be easily treated with the best scar removal creams and gels available in the market. The scar treatment specialists across the world recommend silicone for the treatment and prevention of scars. Silicone is considered to be the first line treatment but is often combines with other therapies for better results. Some of the other treatments options available other than the silicone pads are:

a. Micro-needling

In most of the cases, individual needs four treatment sessions which are followed by the application of topical creams containing vitamin A and C. With proper and complete process one can see best results. Today, at home micro needling devices are also offered but are considered to provide comparatively lesser yet effective results.

b. Laser treatments for new as well as old scars

Laser treatments are well-established and effective treatment for certain types of scars. According to the medical experts, the raised red scars which are less than a year old can be completely removed in less than 3 treatments and the one which is older than a year requires 5 sessions of treatment.

With the advancement in technology, the medical and cosmetic industries are growing at higher pace. One can easily found an ensured solution for a flawless skin.

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