More to the point would be why not? If exercise is the key to staying physically fit, learning is the key to staying mentally fit and the lock you will open will be in the Self-Improvement door of your life. No one would say there’s anything wrong with improvement in our products, how could anything be anything but right when it comes to improving ourselves. It only makes us better and what makes us better makes us happier.

Some people seem to be happier than others. Some seem to embrace the enthusiasm that children have and carry it on through their lives. What is their secret? Their “perspective” is a more positive one. What does that mean, well, whether we know it or not, we learn much of what becomes our perspective or outlook on life. We imitate what we see and hear as children and learn our parent’s frame of reference. The we learn in school. But after that?
What’s after that is the most important part of perspective learning to be happy and productive in adulthood.

Many people arrive at middle age feeling comfortable, maybe a bit too comfortable, and we assume that deep enjoyment and passion are things only for the young. Not so. If you come to a stage in life where you’re bored, tired or think nothing new will ever happen, you’re on your way to the grave. Your feelings and aspirations haven’t really died but your learned perceptions and beliefs have ground them to a halt.

Here are some of the quickest ways to change your thinking and improve your well being overall.

1. Dream.
Sounds simple, but maybe you haven’t dreamed in a long, long time. You thought it was useless, only for kids or idiots. You’re wrong. Dreams are what we need to embrace to keep on learning and keep on growing. Without aspirations we’re running on a treadmill, at a slow speed going nowhere. Try to connect with what it was like to. How old were you? What were you dreaming of? Let the child inside you take hold and dream again of what you want to be, today. If you think you’ve had it all, think again. Isn’t there somewhere you’d like to go, something or someone you’d love to see? Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be a millionaire, a rock star or a president? They may be dusty, but your dreams are still there. Cherish them and nurture them. That’s the part of you that never grows old.

2. Happiness is not Outside its Inside
If you’ve arrived at middle age without your own longings and desires or with them deeply hidden because you felt you needed to conform. That’s just not true. If you’re still trying to impress people, you’re still in high school. High school is often a noxious environment when anything different gets made fun of. We try very hard to get along in adolescence. Did you ever take a look around and realize you don’t HAVE TO conform anymore? You’re not in a school building. The people you once tried to impress are adults like you. If they’re still carrying on trying to win high school status that’s very sad. A lot of people call this life. Keeping up with the Jones

outdoing someone else in one way or another. There’s a whole new life waiting for you when you drop these silly ideas and reach out for more. More of YOU, rather than more of the outside.
Increasing your self awareness is the nicest thing you can do for yourself and it will make you happy as a clam, too.

3. What Are the Basics?

Do you take time for yourself? Do you take time to care for your own needs? That’s a pretty empowering thing. Treat yourself to something nice you’re the only one who can take care of you, you know, in the long run. Are you living life in survival mode? Are you saving and saving for something you don’t even know if you want? Time passes quickly, more quickly than most imagine so get moving and do something. Too many of us say “I’ll do such and such after...” NO!
If you’ve been waiting to write a book - do it now. If you need to organize your home, do it today and for heavens sakes stop wasting time on things you don’t enjoy!

4. Embrace the Past and Move On
Stop asking why it happened and accept that it happened. Stop chewing on that bitter pill and swallow it. Move on.

5. Be Grateful For What You Have
Instead of looking at all the negatives in your life, start thinking about the positives.
Everyday find 5 things you have to be grateful for.

Now look back at all you’ve learned in one article. If you learned even one small thing you’ve benefitted. That’s why reading this self help article did you good. Continue to read to learn and to grow. We can never get enough.

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