There is a very famous saying of Albert Einstein that "Scientist investigates that which already exists, but engineer creates which has never been created."

With the quote shouting ounces about the relevancy and importance of engineering, let's start in brief about why one must opt for engineering as the higher study option.

It is said that there is a shortage of engineering jobs in the market, and therefore one must not opt for pursuing engineering. But it is all mythical as engineering is one of the most popular and evergreen branches which are not easily going to lose their relevance. And the continuously increasing numbers of engineering colleges in Dehradun for that matter in the world are proof of the above-stated hypothesis.

There are a lot of possibilities available for the students after higher secondary education. Each student and their parents are puzzled among the options available as this is regarding students' careers, which can completely change them. The student who has an incredible enthusiasm for finding more for this imaginative mechanical world can settle on Engineering as a career.

Reasons to go for Engineering

In today's world, innovation is rotating around us, or we are living in a time where machines have become a basic need of our lives. Any student who requires to know this system of machines or any form of devices and how this technology works, engineering is befitted for them. Engineering demands the capability to think rationally and concern to investigate more.
An engineering course provides one with diverse career options. If the degree is combined with an M.Tech or MBA, then it can do wonders for your career as it provides you with a lot of good job opportunities as recruiters give priority to students with this form of degree background.
Engineering can also be a well-paying profession. Even though the opening salary may not be at the level of a doctor or a different professional position, over the long term potential growth and possibilities offer the potential for good and that makes the career in the field more stable and secure.
An engineering graduate has long been regarded in Indian society. This is essential as a position in the community and the reputation among peers is a big concern for families in India.
Engineering as a career is not beneficial for just an individual it is useful for society as a whole as the engineers have been responsible for enormous discoveries and inventions for a long time and therefore is the best field for the one who wants to do something new, unique and good for the community and wants to leave a mark.
Engineering course provides a lot of varieties and options, so if you are not sure of what to do after completing the school in the science stream, then engineering will provide you with a lot of clarity.

What are the qualities essential to become an engineer?

An engineer ought to have an interest and inclination to find something new. Suppose you only study science intending to score and don't discover a lot of enthusiasm for the examinations and the various applications conceivable through the equations and ideas. In that case, it is impossible that you would be able to make a profession in engineering or any equivalent field. Therefore join the field only if you are passionate about it.

Growth for Engineers

Money is consistently a significant consideration while picking a profession, and engineering can offer tremendous opportunities for growth. The development in the services sector, increasing stress on production and a large number of rising fields all contribute to income growth for engineers. Thus the field has no issue related to the money or the paychecks as one with the time eventually experience growth only.

Scope of Engineering in Various Fields

Engineering is definitely not a decision to settle on instead of a choice to make. This is if you desire to be the one behind such a large amount of the developments, taking from the electric kettle to flying planes, Engineers have a presence an existence on which not even a single individual can point a finger. The most primary industries where engineers have marked their presence are -

Health care

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