Why prefer natural remedies for Asthma

Asthma is a very serious problem of lungs and respiratory track. There are various drugs available to treat asthma but herbal treatment is always better than taking allopathic treatment. This is also known as herbal remedies for asthma; here are some of herbal treatments and advantages of the same.

Advantages of herbal remedies for asthma

Cost effective

Herbal medicines are cost effective and better for those who are suffering from any such disease, which has been affecting the person for a long time.

No side effect

Certain medications have to be taken on a long-term basis. In this case, there are various side effects, which are caused because of taking these medicines for a long period. Therefore, it is better to take herbal remedies for asthma in this case.

Herbal remedy better than allopathic

Herbal remedy for asthma is always better than any other way of treating the disease. Herbal remedy will not only heal the person but will not cause any side effect. Some people are allergic to certain drugs, which cause them further problem. Therefore, for them it is better to take the herbal remedy for asthma.

Herbal remedies boost the immune system

Herbal remedies not only treat asthma but along with it, they also improve the immune system. It is very important that the immune system is increased so that owe may develop an inbuilt defensive mechanism. This benefit is only available with an herbal remedy and not by any other method.

So herbal remedies for asthma


Turmeric is an all-rounder in treating various kinds of health issues including asthma. It increase the immune system also reduces the lung inflammation. This will gradually help you deal with that asthma attack and will reduce the intensity of asthma attack. Turmeric also helps reduce the tendency of cold and cough.

Butter bur

People who get asthma attack because of dust or are allergic due to the presence of certain substance; butterbur is an excellent way to treat the issue. Butterbur will also help to reduce the intensity of asthma attack as it works in reducing the inflammation of the lungs and respiratory track.


One of the effective herbal remedies for asthma is tulsi or holy basil. This herb has been in use through centuries and it heals asthma and its related issues. One can take a handful of tulsi leaves and eat it first in the morning. it will reduce the inflammation, make one strong from within. One can also have tulsi with milk or just chew it raw any time when the asthma attack intensifies.

The herbal remedies for asthma work best when they are followed on a daily basis. One can also consult the doctor in case these herbal medications do not work. Some precautions must also be taken along with following these herbal remedies.

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