Non profit consolidation services are performed by companies that have obtained the nonprofit name from the IRS. The name does not imply that they extend free services. These companies assist you with debt consolidation programs. They negotiate with your creditors to lower your interest rates and to waive unpaid interest and fees.

A nonprofit consolidation firm assists you in consolidating your debts just like the way “for profit” consolidation companies do. They review your current status using a debt counseling session for free and they arrange an expenditure and income analysis for you.

Basing on how much you can spend, the company negotiates with your collection agency or your creditor the plan to free you from your debt. The company works out a monthly payment plan with lower interest rate in order to assist you in resolving your debt problem and free you from it.

The debt consolidation company seeks to lessen your monthly fees by discussing with your creditors to reduce your interest rates and to minimize or eliminate delayed fees or penalties if any.

Aside from negotiating, nonprofit debt consolidation companies can also assist you in the consolidation of bills by agreeing to a single monthly payment. The amount that you pay to the company each month is distributed to your creditors or collection companies based on the pre-arranged schedule of payment.

The nonprofit debt consolidation firm will communicate with your creditors or collection agencies by telephone or letters in order to make it simpler for you.

Nonprofit debt consolidation companies function with the aid of finances acquired through client donations. These would include deliberate donations made by defaulters and business groups such as department stores, gas companies, credit card firms and other stakeholders. Most of the time, creditors or collection companies tender a particular fraction of your monthly payments to the nonprofit debt consolidation firms.

Keep in mind the drawbacks of nonprofit consolidation. First, credit counseling companies were established by the credit card companies back in the 50’s. They didn’t want struggling debtors to file bankruptcy, so they affiliated themselves with debt counselors. They have an arrangement with the debt counselors to reduce the interest rates, but never the principal.

Please understand something, your creditors main goal is to keep you in debt for the rest of your life. They want you to only make minimum payments. Why? because about 95% of your payment is applied to the interest. Has your billing statement ever said “ maximum payment due!?”

Credit counseling programs have about a 75% dropout ratio. If you miss only one payment, you are kicked out of the program. As a consequence, your credit will be negatively affected. You will then be back to square one-overloaded with debt and have bad credit.

Also, this option is not the fastest method of debt elimination. Nor is it a program that will lower your monthly payment the greatest. Debt settlement is faster and will lower your payment the most.

Beware there are a few nonprofit debt consolidation firms that takes you money but sit on your problem. Such firms make attractive offers and pledges just to mislead you but in reality, they just take you for a ride and take out more wealth from you without resolving your debt problems.

To be safe, never give away important information such as your bank account number or credit card number. This is to be certain that the firm does not extract money from your accounts. Confirm how much money you require to pay every month.

A nonprofit consolidation company assists you with customized debt relief solutions for a better financial status. Too many consumers are overburdened with debt escalation and the recent economic downturn and job losses have caused many to fall behind in their debt payments. Consequently, they are playing catch up rather than actually paying down their debt. If this describes your situation, consider seeking help from a nonprofit debt consolidation firm.

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