Why is it that most people give up when they could experience ever increasing prosperity?

There is power in picking a path. But most people never pick a single prosperity path and stick with it till it works.

They take a bit of this and a bit of that. Read a bit of a prosperity classic, then see how it fits in with the newest channeled teaching from a galaxy far far away.

And while chasing down yet another way to manifest a million bucks might seem fun and keep you excited - what is REALLY happening is that you are scattering your attention and your energy. Stop that. Stop that now because your quality of life DEPENDS on it.

Let's dive in and create some massive changes.

Energy and attention are the two masterkeys to manifesting more money and prosperity into your life. And if you scatter your energy and attention by chasing the next new way to manifest a million - odds are you aren't ever going to get anywhere, and you'll end up quitting and settling for average.

I know from experience. I did the same thing, until I found Neville Goddard. What impressed me most about Neville and his teachings to the point where I gave everything else up entirely are:

Neville's father and his family not only made hundreds of millions using the principles he teaches, they changed the entire economy of the island of Barbados by living in accordance to his prosperity principles.

Neville didn't just teach how to "manifest a million". He taught WHY this works, and the reason why is NOT because of a secret law that the universe follows. The reason it works is because of the truth about YOU. (Want me to write an article about that, leave a comment and let me know below.)

Neville taught a very complete and balanced system. His system eliminates past trauma and limiting events from your life. His system helps you INSTANTLY exit a life crushing negative state and enter into the most powerful state you can be in right now. And his system helps you literally rewrite your destiny - by changing who you are in the world.

And all this can be done in just minutes a day, if you Follow The Formula we teach of Neville's.

So today you have a choice to make. You can keep mixing and mashing things together, which is like trying to make a loaf of bread and an apple pie at the same time, or you can choose a time tested and proven path that will change your world.

I hope you choose to explore the world of Neville Goddard, the man who was the mentor of Wayne Dyer. The teachings we have chosen to make easily available to the masses. I hope you choose Neville because his teachings work wonderfully.

Many blessings to you,

Mr Twenty Twenty

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Mr Twenty Twenty gives away 221 Neville Goddard lectures free on his website at http://freeneville.com He and his wife also have written over 500 articles on the Law Of Attraction and how it has changed their lives and the lives of their friends and readers.