Autumn is coming, and most areas can smell the breath of autumn. But it's worth noting that this temperature difference can be tough on a man's prostate.

The expert pointed out that, according to the data of treatment, more than half of chronic prostatitis patients in the autumn symptoms will be significantly worse. Patients under treatment will also be affected by the season. Many patients with improved symptoms will also make treatment difficult because of the cold weather, the course of treatment becomes longer.

This clearly tells us that it has a close relationship between the temperature difference between morning and evening in autumn and the patient's condition and treatment.

The high incidence of prostatitis in autumn has the following seven reasons

1. The weather suddenly turns cool, and the human sympathetic nerve excitability is enhanced, so that the prostate gland contraction, glandular tube and blood vessel dilation, resulting in chronic congestion, increase the pressure in the urethra, serious can cause reflux. Changes in the urethra situation will increase the accumulation of prostate fluid, resulting in the recurrence of prostatitis, frequency of urination, urgent urination, urination pain, perineum, testicular pain and other symptoms.

2. The human body water intake is reduced. Light urine has an effect that is rinsing on the urethra. Light urine can prevent urethra pathogenic microorganism and bacterium from multipling, and help maintain the health of the prostate. At the same time, more urination helps to discharge bad metabolites out of the body, conducive to recovery.

And cutting back on water can concentrate patients' urine. High urine concentrations can cause some irritation to the prostate gland, and long-term undesirable irritation can be harmful to the prostate gland. The prostate and other organs (such as kidney, bladder, etc.) will be adversely affected. To prevent a recurrence, people must drink more water, to flush the urethra, and promote the discharge of prostate secretion.

3. Do not pay attention to warmth. The prostate is suitable for warmth, and local warm can reduce muscle tissue contraction, to recover prostate congestion and edema. Paying attention to keep warm in autumn is to prevent the fall of cold factors. The cold will aggravate the symptoms of prostate disease, so we must reduce the chance of cold. Pay attention to adding clothes and quilts in time. When sleeping at night, pay special attention to keeping the lower abdomen warm.

4. The prostate is adjacent to the seminal vesicles, vas deferens, ureters, bladder, and rectum, so prostatitis is often secondary to inflammation of other organs of the genitourinary stem, which co-occurs with seminal vesiculitis. Therefore, even if the inflammation of the prostate is treated, but other genitourinary diseases are neglected, there may be a risk of reinfection.

5. People like eating spicy food and drinking wine. But wine, pepper, and other irritant ingredients are very stimulating to the prostate and urethra. Prostatitis patients drinking or eating spicy food will cause perineum discomfort, congestion, and edema of the prostate and bladder neck, resulting in reduced prostate resistance.

6. Excessive sex life. Many men's libido increases when the weather is cooler, so couples have more sex. Frequent sexual life will lead to long-term prostate congestion, and it is very easy to cause enlargement and prostatitis for a long time; On the contrary, if a man abstains from sex for a long time, prostate fluid hoarding too much is also easy to lead to the breeding of bacteria, so it is recommended that people master the way of the number of times.

7. Long-tome sitting. Cold weather makes a lot of people unwilling to go out, especially some middle-aged and elderly patients who are afraid of the cold, prefer to sit at home. Be sure to remember that sitting for a long time will make the prostate burden heavier, and many patients have said that sitting for a long time makes them very uncomfortable.

Therefore, people should try to avoid long-time sitting and do appropriate physical exercise. Abdominal, thigh, and hip movements massage the prostate and improve blood and lymph circulation in the prostate area. Jogging or brisk walking for 20 to 30 minutes a day is good for your prostate.

Autumn is a harvest season and a beautiful season, but there will also be beautiful things in such a beautiful season. Many men are prone to prostatitis at this time. Under the effect of frequent urination, urgent urination, perineal pain, and other symptoms, they have lost their happiness and replaced it with the urgency of treatment.

The treatment of chronic prostatitis is not complex, and the important thing is patience. Patients should actively cooperate with doctors in the treatment of chronic prostatitis. A more practical choice is the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can eliminate symptoms, improve the ability of patients to resist bacteria, and reduce the possibility of recurrence.

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