There are two primary options offered by doctors to patients who come to them complaining about their skin warts. Often they would suggest the patient undergo cryosurgery, laser treatment, and other similar procedures. Or they could simply prescribe their patients some medications that, when taken regularly, will eventually make the skin warts go away. Given a choice, however, most doctors would choose the medications option. The procedures, on the other hand, are only seen as last resorts by the doctors and not really their first choice of treatments. When it turns out that medication does not work at all in eliminating the skin warts, that is the only time they will contemplate recommending these medical procedures. Now we are interested in understanding the reasons as to why many doctors prefer to use the medications, as opposed to the procedures, when dealing with skin warts.

Doctors know that medications are less time consuming when used to remove skin warts. That is the first reason why they prefer it. But if you look at the procedures like cryosurgery, electrification and laser treatment, it is obvious that even organizing them would take a while. If you take medications, they are easier to dispense, take less amounts of time, and not at all complicated to use. There is also the fact that, more often than not, they are found to be more effective in doing the job.

The second reason as to why many doctors prefer to remove warts using medications is in the fact that it is a considerably less messy way of doing things. There are medications that have to be ingested, while there are others that will work just by rubbing them on the affected area of the skin. Using them can't be compared to undertaking medical procedures where sharp instruments or strong light beams are used, where anesthesia is applied, and where so many things could end up going wrong. Lawsuits are the last thing these doctors would want, so they prefer to make use of noninvasive and less risky procedures or treatments.

Using medications as treatments have also been proven to provide better results when it comes to skin wart removal. As a result, they are chosen over medical treatments frequently. In cryosurgery, for instance, it has been found that salicylic acid actually provides better results for the patient. It is but natural that doctors want their patients always in a good condition. Such doctors, knowing that their patients are likely to get better results if they opt to get the warts removed using the medications are, naturally, likely to lead the patients in that direction. The good thing with the use of medications in removing warts is that the medications in question actually attempt to tackle the causative agent (the HP virus). But if you look at the procedures, you will find that they are more concerned with removing the wart that can be seen. The HP virus is largely ignored and left to thrive and cause other warts. Because of that, there is a risk that the wart will regrow even if they have been surgically removed.

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