Man is a predator. Man is the person in charge in a relationship

From times of antiquity man have been the leader in the relationship. Man would go out and hunt for food while his partner would stay in the shelter of the cave and look after the children.

The man is the predator - the hunter. He is still so today despite woman’s lib.

You don't think so? All right, spend some time at a bar or a night club. Watch people, particularly those people who don't know each other.

Who is doing the chasing? The Man that's who. And the woman? Men approach women; women do not approach men. She may flirt with the man she fancies to get his attention, for that's what she does. But ultimately it's the man who must make the move if he wants her.

Nine times out of ten it's the man who takes action, it's the man who makes the first move. Whether you agree with this or not it doesn't matter. The man is just acting out what he has been programmed in him from hundreds and hundreds of years.

Another thing. Recently I was watching a program debate on why there were so few women in business. Why do you think this was so? Is it a question of ability? No. There are women out there who are just as smart as men. If you have read this far then you already know the answer.
For instance, even the majority of female hairdressing businesses are run by men.

So why is it the case that even today with rules on equal opportunity of the sexes; men are still the dominant force? The main reason is this - the woman is afraid of rejection. That's right, she is afraid of rejection. She is an emotional creature and class rejection as a dent to her self esteem. She does not realize that the key to success is to fail many times, to believe in herself, to move on to something else but to keep on trying regardless.

Knowing what you know now you should be able to work out immediately some rules in relationships. For example you can look at couples who are together or couples considering getting together and figure out if their relationship will work or not. You will be able to work out if a relationship you start with someone you like is right for you.

Want examples? Oliy Meurs and Cheryl Cole? Does he stand any chance? Are they compatible? What do you think?

First, she is older than him. The majority of women go for older men. Yes I know there are exceptions to the rule but in the vast majority of cases the woman’s aim is to attract an older man. Hence her ideal date would be a man older than she is. You should understand why by now. Deep down she wants a man who SHE FEELS can look after her, she wants her man to be in-charge, to take charge.

Second, she is richer than Mr Meurs, much richer. Money equals power- don't you ever forget that. Forget what you hear about all men being equal, it is not so. Anyway, Mr Cole, who by the way Cheryl claims is her 'soul mate' is both older and richer than her.

So it's a no brainier isn't it? Mr Cole clicks all the right buttons for her. As for me, I always choose relationships I want to be in where I am the leader. Where the balance of power makes me the leader of the relationship. Men should choose like this too if they want their relationship to the right relationship. That means if you want your relationship to last. Because from the days of evolution that's just how it was meant to be.

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Carl Jeremy a simple taxi driver,was single and wanted to find the woman of his dreams.
After many failed relationships he decided that the best way to achieve his dream was to find men and women who were married or in long term relationships and listen to what they had to say.

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