“What’s Jana’s Secret for Acing School & Career?”
• 1. “I want to explain the steps to juicing up your brain.”

• 2. “It’s easier to perform, than to analyze. Do you have an ‘algorithm,’ like 1-2-3?”

• 3. “Here’s what you DO. The “how” of it.

• First step, take your left index finger & thumb & grab your right-earlobe. Now cross-over your right arm, & make an “X” with both arms.

• Second step, take your right index finger & thumb & seize
Your left-earlobe. Your index-fingers are on top of the earlobes, between the thumbs.”

• Third step, take diaphragmatic breath (inhale) and do a Body-Bow, (bend-over). You can do this at your DESK or stand-up and then bend-over (Bow).

• Now Straighten-up and (exhale). Repeat: cross-arms holding opposite earlobes, and do a “set” (total of four) – Body-Bows.” Inhale on “bending-over”, & exhale on “rising” up.” Get-the rhythm.” Do another “set” of four.
Two-sets of ‘Cross-Over’ take 3-minutes.

• 4. “That’s right. You are getting both left & right brain hemispheres in-sync, and in alignment for improved learning & memory. And the “bending” oxygenates
your entire body, and especially your brain.”

• Scientific Fact: our left-hemisphere (brain) controls the entire right-side of our body. Right-hemisphere (brain) runs our left body half. Cross-over effect.

• 5. “Do you agree Jana’s Secret explodes Glucose – “blood-sugar energy” to the brain for processing knowledge and memory?”

• 6. “I just read that our 3-pound brain is 2% of our body weight, requires 15% of our cardiac output, uses 20% of
total body oxygen consumption, & 25% of total Glucose
utilization (energy supply).

• 7. “First thing I look for because I’m lazy, and have a short “attention-span”, is credibility of the author & research.

• 8. “It’s OK to be a “skeptic”, but not “sarcastic”. The first requires “proof”, while being a “cynic” and sarcastic refuses all proof. Skepticism is healthy “analysis”.”

• 9. “My experience tells me that if you do not offer “motivation” first, the reward for getting off your fundament, (“What’s-In-It-for-Me?”) - nobody starts something “new”.”

• 10. “Wait. My secret for acing school & career has the 21st century secret – whatever you got, it has to be “short-and-easy”. Require a max of five-minutes.”

• 11. “And you see instant-results in your daily life. More important, the secret is not limited to Brainiacs.”

• 12. “My secret adds 48% (real number) to your memory & learning skills. It works for students from age 10, to acing the SATs, college & grad school. It wins promotions in your career.”

• 13. Credibility: Exercising your brain by reading more & watching TV less, and/or playing Chess or Bridge, even watch ‘Jeopardy’ and answering the questions, improves

your learning and memory skills. Get this.
Improve their “Brainpower” 48%.”

• 14. “Who says so?”

• 15. “Google: July 3, 2013, online issue of the Journal,
“Neurology”, a medical journal of American Academy
Of Neurology. Wait. Lead author, Robert S. Wilson,
Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.”

• 16. “Facts: 294 people were tested for learning, thinking and memory. They were followed for six-years before their deaths at an average age of “89”.

• Readers & learners boosted their mental activity (improved 48%) compared to TV watchers &non-readers.”

• “Dr. Robert S. Wilson said, “Based on this research, we
Shouldn’t underestimate the effects of everyday activities, such as reading & writing (learning & memory.)”

• 17. “Is this real science?”

• 18. “After they passed-on, autopsies on the brains of the ‘294’. Results were readers, writers, & thinkers, showed
almost no signs of plaques, tangles, lesions, and dementia.”

• 19. “If you do Jana’s cross-over exercises, and learn SpeedReading101.org strategies to triple your reading speed and double you long-term memory, you win. Alzheimer’s will find someone else’s brain to inhabit. Get it?”
“Tap-in, Turn-on-and Tune-in” and both Students & Adults will ACE school and win promotions in their careers. Ask Jana.
See ya,
Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

Author's Bio: 

Bernard Wechsler was the business partner of Evelyn Wood
creator of Speed Reading. He helped her graduate 2-million
including the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents.
He & Jana Martinez teach a One-day-Seminar at Columbia University.

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