I sincerely hope, dear readers, that life has so far been kind to you, and that you haven't experienced too many trying times.

Most of us have been in that position at some time when you may find yourself asking "why is this happening to me?".

Well we are here on earth to have experiences which make us evolve and grow. Part of that growth is finding out who we are, and a great method of self-discovery is being put under pressure. Without having our mettle tested, we would be ignorant of our own strength and courage. We may go through life thinking "I could never do that", and yet when under the pump, we find we can in fact cope with the very thing we thought we couldn't.

Not many sane people would consciously choose to undergo trial and tribulation in order to grow, but most people can look back in hindsight on a difficult period in their lives and see how it shaped them and their future. In other words, they are able to see the reason why it happened.

But there is another aspect of life's ups and downs I've noticed and I feel is equally relevant. This aspect is apparent at the best times and the worst times of your life. I'm sure these extremely good and bad times happen to demonstrate how much we are loved.

Think about the big picture for a moment.

Under what circumstances could you feel love for a total stranger?


Think again.

When Jessica Watson wobbled off her yacht a couple of weeks ago, what do you think the overwhelming emotion would have been from the huge crowd of well-wishers?

Yes, there was pride. There was awe. There was curiosity. But that crowd of mostly total strangers assembled to show her love. That love carried Jessica up the pink carpet on a surreal wave more powerful than anything she experienced at sea.

What about the Tsunami on Boxing Day, 2004?

How do we humans react to seeing our fellowman in pain and devastation?

We open our hearts and our wallets, and whatever else is necessary, in order to love and heal total strangers.

Now apply this theory to your own life and see if it holds water.

Think back to the best times, and the worst. As well as your own pain or elation, what else were you feeling? Were your friends and family showering you with love?

I'll never forget the day of the birth of my first baby. I've never felt so loved as I did then. The outpouring of love for me was as intense as it was surprising.

Equally, since then I have also been exposed to very unpleasant experiences. But while undergoing the unpleasantness have been wrapped in a warm blanket of love provided by caring friends, family, and people I just bailed up in the street to have a whinge to (no, not really!!).

So there you have it! One of the Secrets Of Life According to JJ.......extreme highs and lows happen to all of us partly so we can experience the love of our fellow man.

Next time a low happens to you focus on the warm blanket of love and be grateful for it - it's one of the reasons you are here.

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Jacqueline Johns is on a mission! As The Happiest Person She Knows, she feels duty bound to share her happiness secrets with the world. As a Life Mentor, in person, and through her website http://www.happylifementoring.com Jacqueline shares her healing energy with all those who wish to receive it. In her publications, "The Path To Success" and "G-Spot - The Ecstasy Of Life Through Gratitude", Jacqueline shares her top two happiness tips.

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