Why Is My Ex So Cold and Heartless: Why Is My Ex So Cold and Distant

In the aftermath of a breakup, you may notice that it is going to seem impossible to have an open discussion and really talk to your ex. No doubt, you are being met with a lot of resistance to sit down and really talk things over. In fact, you may notice that the harder you try, the more defiant they become.

But why are they acting so cold? This is something you are going to have to really think about if you are to ever have a chance at getting them back.

One thing you must consider is that they probably did a lot of agonizing back and forth before they came to this conclusion. No doubt, it was not an easy decision because of the strong feeling they have for you. Unfortunately, they chose to go ahead anyway because something more powerful was influencing their decision. The end result is that you are going to have a tough time getting past their defenses - it is for their own self-preservation more than anything.

In the meantime, you are probably pulling out the stops and trying everything you can think of to get through to them and make them see sense. What you should realize is that this direct approach may not be the best thing at this point. They are suspicious of your actions and they are going to be countering your moves at every opportunity. This means that you may have to change your approach because he/she will not be forced into doing anything they do not feel comfortable with.

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Okay, so what should you be doing then? Well, you should actually be using a little psychology and beating them at their own game. Start by ending all communication with your ex. Develop an indifferent attitude. Above all, never, ever let them see how emotional you are about the whole situation. The goal here is to break the power they have over you and it is going to be virtually impossible if you let your emotions get in the way. Yes, it is tough love, but it can be very effective.

What you are going to notice is that they will most likely lose some of that indifference you saw in the beginning. They are likely to warm up a little and seem more open to discussing things. In fact, there is a chance that at this point, they may even suggest giving it another go.

Taking the less obvious approach by using psychology should prove to be successful for you. At this point, your ex may not even be aware of what just happened and how you managed to change the balance of power.

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At the end of Bad Boys II, Mike Lowery and Marcus Banks threw a few of their buddies together and seamlessly infiltrated a Colombian drug czar's headquarters and escaped the Cuban foreign legion to rescue their friend. If they can make that look easy, getting a guy or girl back should be a walk in the park.

Step 1: Tactics or Tacky?: You have to walk a fine line when trying to get back a former lover. Wiping the snow off their windshield is a sweet gesture but serenading them with a harmonica based love song just looks like you're trying too hard.

Step 2: Play To Them: Part of your tactics involve letting them feel like they have the upper hand but then slapping it away. Walk the balance beam of showing sorrow that they left and rejoicing that you're free.

Step 3: Physical Improvements Everybody is going to notice how you went from wearing sweatpants and a 'Git -R-Done' tanktop to wearing designer clothes that accent your chiseled abs. Of those people, one will take special notice and that's your ex. They'll not only be smitten by your new look, their brain will start wandering on just what you're up to.

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Step 4: Mental Improvements: This doesn't mean studying 'How To Be A Player' although that probably wouldn't hurt. When you start to work out and dress nicer, it shows that you have respect for your body, which translates to you having confidence. Even if this is all just a tactic to get an ex back, it will play off as you getting your act tuned in.

Step 5: Your No Increases Their Yes: Even though it's the thing you might want most in the whole world, say no the next time your ex asks you to hang out. Don't be rude about it, just mention that you're really busy right now and leave the door open. Your no now will lead to them begging for a yes later.

Step 6: Be Vulnerable Remember back to the beginning of the phase when you were the one doing all the chasing and you'll know it wasn't a good feeling. This is the situation your ex is in now and you can actually increase your standing with them by confessing your vulnerability to them. Mention how you really miss them or that breaking up was a mistake.

Step 7: Plans S, W, & Z: The Bad Boys never actually told the other guys what their plan B was but in the movies, you don't need a plan B. Unfortunately, this is real life and if your first few attempts to get your ex back don't succeed, go back to the drawing board and fine-tune for the next go-round.

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You long to hear their voice, and you miss the sound of your name being spoken from their lips. But, now that the relationship is all over, so are those amazing conversations you looked forward to everyday. If you yearn to speak to them one more time, but have no clue how to get through to them, then here are some easy tips that just might ease you back in the door.

Give it a little time

Don't force it. Trying to make someone speak to you when they are not ready will only force a even bigger wedge between you two. Try to wait a little while and let them call down.

Funny seeing you here

If your ex goes to a gym or some other places that you now they might be, try to be there on the same day. It may just seem like a coincidence to them. If seeing you again makes them want to talk more, they just may give you a call.

Out of sight, not out of mind

If your ex really loves you, the longer they don't see you will being to make them begin to miss you like crazy. So just be patient. When they can't take it anymore they will call to check on you.

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I've got news

Why not leave them a brief message on their voicemail stating that you have something very wonderful to tell them. The problem is, you have to make sure you really have something good to share with them. Otherwise you will just appear to be a bold faced liar, and they will dismiss you permanently.

Break the ice

If you really miss your ex, why not take a brave step, and call them first. If the conversation goes very well for the two of you them they will surely give you a ring back.

Family Help

OK to some it may seem a little desperate. But like they say, "Desperate times, call for desperate measures!" So tell their friend or family member that you really miss talking to them and that you would mind if he/she gave you a call. If you are close with the family then they will approve. If not, just let it go.

Help, I need somebody!

Play the distress role. If you need help with something, anything, ask your ex. Try telling them you need help reprogramming your computer or that your has something wrong with it. Now when you tell them these things, make sure they are the truth.

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The break up can actually be beneficial to both parties involved. You may not believe this, but the truth of the matter is that you and your ex may actually end up benefiting from this particular break up that you are experiencing now. The separation can actually be a blessing in disguise if properly managed. It may be the utmost thing that will enable you to get your ex back.

The two of you might have been in need of this separation for quite sometime now. If there had been some kind of disrespect or disregard for each other, then I think the break up will end up becoming something the two of you will thank your stars for.

During the break up, each of you will be alone without the other person being there. The break up will enable each of you to really feel what it is like to be living without the other person. Each of you will be forced to face the experiences and rigors of life alone.

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If the two of you had been able to have real good times while you were together, you sure will be able to appreciate what it feels like not to have the other person beside you. If either of you had been able to contribute to each other's lives, you will be able to feel how life is without the other person being around you.

One funny thing about we human beings is that we tend not to appreciate what we have until we end up losing that thing. But the moment we loose the unappreciated treasure, we will suddenly have our eyes opened to discover how much we actually appreciate that particular thing.

By the time either of you realize how important the other person is to your lives, you will need no body to sound it into your hearings that you can't afford to live without the other person. By the time the two of you now get back together, you will never want to part from each other again.

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